10 Early Signs of a Gifted Child

Early Signs Of A Gifted Child

A gifted child is defined as one whose ability is significantly apparent above the norm for that child’s age, according to The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Giftedness is also the same thing as “exceptionally talented.” A child is gifted in one or more certain areas, such as Intellectual (I.Q.), Artistic, Creative, Leadership, and in an academic field such as language, arts, mathematics, or science, says the Power Of Positivity

A gifted child is different from a bright child. A bright child has to work harder to achieve their level of success, but gifted children put in less effort to achieve significant results. 

To know if your child is gifted, here are ten signs:

1. They Start Reading From A Very Young Age

Most gifted children do not like the classroom, but they are very curious. This curiosity leads them to read books just to figure out what they want to know. When something piques their interests, they want to know everything about it, and books are one of the first ways to get the needed information. 

2. They Prefer To Spend Time With Older Adults And Older Children Than Those In Their Age Bracket

When in the mix of their peers, they get easily bored and not easily understood, so they like to spend time with people who are advanced in age who can relate to them without hurdles. Their advanced intelligence is a big factor in this behavioral tendency. 

3. They Love Patterns

They enjoy puzzle related games to any other games you buy for them. Their desire to figure out how it works so they can fix it perfectly draws them to puzzle related games. They noticed what time you get home, what you do after work and everyone’s routines in the home. They see patterns that the average kids their age don’t pay attention to. 

4. They Like To Fix Things.

When you buy them a toy car, instead of playing with it, they pull it apart and try to put it together. Kids who want to fix the technical things around them will follow you around when fixing things in the home. They are so excited to help you bring the correct tools you need instead of playing with their peers. 

5. They Are Exceptional Talented At Something

In comparison to their age group, they are extremely talented in one or more areas of interest. Certain activities come naturally to them, such as sport, writing, singing, playing instruments e.t.c. They do less work but are extremely good at it. 

6. Their Ability To Focus Is Exceptional

In general, most kids tend to find it difficult to hold focus for a long time. They are easily amazed and excited, but gifted kids have an exceptional ability to focus on the things that interest them. For example, If chess pieces catch their attention, they focus on it. 

They learn every chess move possible then they focus on being better with their time in regards to thinking of their next step. Eventually, they will be able to beat their previous score repeatedly until they become excellent at it. 

7. They Have High Energy

Most gifted kids are always active. They are full of energy to do a lot more than kids their age. They are ready to do anything you ask them to do because they have the power for it. They talk extremely fast to match how fast they think. 

8. They Are Matured For Their Age. 

They rarely pull pranks or get into (too much) trouble. They are more mature than most kids their age and act accordingly. They will shake your hands with confidence and talk to you with respect as an adult would.

9. They Are Naturally Born Leaders

They are quick to accept responsibility to handle things that need to be fixed. They are quite assertive and know how to direct things the way it should go. For example, a bright kid will have to get instructions on how to handle the responsibilities placed on him or her, but a gifted kid knows what to do without being told. He or she will develop a reasonable plan that will make the goal reachable and done promptly.

10. They Are Considered Failures By The General School Standards.

While a gifted kid can become extremely good at one thing, they can also fail at another. For example, A gifted child who is talented in the arts and terrible at mathematics will be considered a failure at mathematics. 

Thomas Edison passed a note to his mother from his teacher, that said he was “addled” – meaning he was a “dumb” kid. We all know Thomas Edison wasn’t dumb, but because he didn’t meet his school standard of success, he was termed a failure.

Failure is a universal factor that even the gifted suffers from, but that does not take away from the uniqueness of the things they are exceptionally good at.


All kids should be encouraged and given the opportunity to express what comes naturally to them. Suppressing your kid’s passion for boosting the ones you prefer them to have when they have no interest in it, will only cause that kid to be miserable and eventually rebel against the path you are enforcing on them. Allow your kids to excel in the subjects and things they love while also helping them improve in the topics they struggle with.  

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