10 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy

The underlying reason many people stick in unhappy relationships is the fear of being alone and insecurity.

The truth of the matter is that we go into relationships with the intention to have a sound support system and peace of mind.

This is why it is vital to know when a relationship is no longer serving you and when to let it go. Here are ten signs your relationship is making you unhappy:

1. Whenever you think of them, you feel a heaviness in your chest. 

If the thought of them makes you feel bad, it is time to let them go. At the same time, if the idea of seeing them gives you a sad, awful feeling, let them go.

You should naturally be excited to see the person you care about, not dreading it. 

2. They make you feel bad. 

If you feel awful after talking to them, let them go. This is a clear sign that your relationship is making you unhappy.

For one thing, your relationship should make you feel better and happy about yourself and not worse. 

3. There is no more fight left in you. 

Every relationship has its up and down. In fact, fighting to keep the connection alive is all part of being in a relationship.

Still, if you realize you no longer feel the obligation to fight to keep it alive, it means the entire relationship makes you unhappy, and you either need to discuss how you feel with your partner or move on. 

4. You prefer to hang out with friends and family over your partner. 

We naturally want to spend time with those who make us happy, so if you do not desire to spend time with your partner, there is your sign that your relationship is making you unhappy. 

5. You hate going home to them.

In fact, you just don’t want to spend time in the same house with them. You sometimes daydream about what it will feel like to move out of the house without telling them. 

6. You are not comfortable being yourself. 

Any relationship where you have to hide who you are for them to accept you is not a happy one to be in.

Talk to your partner and come to a conclusion where you can go back to being yourself like it was at the beginning of the relationship, instead of being what he or she wants you to be.

If you can’t reach a favorable decision that favors you, it’s time to move on. 

7. You don’t trust them. 

If you have to snoop to figure out what is going on in your partner’s lives or who they are talking to, you don’t trust them.

Your lack of trust will make you more upset and unhappy, so end it before it gets worse, and you fall into depression. 

8. You imagine a life where you are happier without your partner. 

Everyone deserves a happier life, and if you imagine one without your current partner, make that happen and be more satisfied. 

9. You miss what you and your partner used to be. 

This is one of the significant signs you are unhappy with your partner. Inasmuch as you crave a different life from what you have now, it’s time to change it. 

10. You are no longer sexually attracted to them. 

You should want to have a consistent, healthy s*x life with your partner, but if you really dread spending time sexually with them, you need to reconsider your relationship with them and how happy you really are. 

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