11 Things You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

Things You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

Shame is one of the root causes of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Shame is a painful feeling that arises from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, or ridiculous done to oneself or by another person. 

It is an awful feeling, that’s why we try to hide certain things we believe others will see as embarrassing, but the truth is, you won’t indeed be able to live your desired life if you hide the part of yourself that makes you stand out, so here are 11 things you should quit being ashamed of:

1. How You Feel. 

Our society tells us to hide our emotions like people used to do back in the old days because if we express them, we will be seen as weak and not worthy of handling high ranking positions. Therefore we go out looking stoic and not dispensing our emotions for others to view and relate to, but that’s not how it is supposed to be. 

We are humans, and emotions are expressions of how we feel at that moment, so don’t be ashamed to express how you feel. It is your basic right as a human being.

2. Your Dreams. 

Your dreams are tailored to you for a reason, don’t let anyone tell you to do something else. Pursue your dreams and don’t apologize for doing so.

3. Your Past Choices And Where You Started From. 

If you were poor, that was your starting point, never be ashamed of that. If you made a terrible choice in the past, it is okay. We have all screwed up at some point in our lives. You are not alone. Take comfort in the fact that you’ve learned your lessons and stop being ashamed of it.

4. The Material Things You Have Or Don’t Have. 

You don’t have to apologize if you are a maximize or a minimalist. It is your life, you can own more things if you want, and you can own fewer stuff if you so choose to. Your life is your choice.

6. Friendships You’ve Made. 

If your friends add value to your life, why are you ashamed of them? Choose people you are proud to be around, not people your family or partner tell you to hang out with. Choose the people that make you a better human being in this world.

7. Being Positive. 

Some people are a constant ray of sunshine while some are Debbie Downers, which’s not your problem. Don’t let anybody make you feel bad about it. Don’t apologize for seeing the world in a positive light. You are allowed to have a positive outlook from those around you.

8. Your Finances. 

No matter how much you make, be proud of it. Those who concern themselves with your wealth are just jealous mismanagers of their finances. If you earn less than others, and you are working on getting out of living from paycheck to paycheck, be proud of yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Only those who struggle with being diligent with their money and have no business with other people’s spending habits and finances usually complain about other people’s money. Don’t let anyone shame you about your finances.

9. Saying No. 

Don’t be ashamed to decline a party invitation or a family reunion that makes you feel uneasy. You don’t owe anyone who makes you feel like crap your time.

10. Your Failures. 

Failure is part of life. We will all fail at something, especially if it is our first time doing that thing, and that’s okay. Don’t be ashamed of your failures. They are the stepping stone to success.

10. Spending Time Alone. 

Don’t be ashamed that you enjoy spending time with yourself. The only people that will complain are those who have a low sense of self and can’t spend time with themselves. It is not your business to make them feel better about themselves.

10. Your Religious And Spiritual Beliefs. 

Freedom of choice doesn’t only apply to political views. It also applies to your religious and spiritual beliefs. Be proud to express what you believe. Don’t be ashamed about it, as long as you are not harming anybody, others opinion doesn’t matter. 

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