12 Laws of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

12 Laws Of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

Karma is used to describe the cycle of cause and effect. It is the result of a person’s actions as well as their activities themselves. According to Karma’s theory, what happens to a person happens because they caused it with their actions. The laws of Karma can change your life if you adhere to them, so here are the 12 laws of Karma you need to know about that will transform your life:

Laws Of Karma That Will Bless Your Life

1. The Great Law.

This is the Law of Cause and Effect. It basically states that you get what you give. Meaning if you project positivity and happiness to others, you will receive the same. If you project negativity into the world, it will come back to you with a vengeance, so put out what you desire into the world. For example, if you want more love, spread more love.

2. The Law Of Creation.

States that nothing just happens. If you want something, you have to go out there to make it happen. You are the creator of your reality, so do that. Create what you want your life to be, and don’t just wait for good things to happen magically in your life.

12 Laws Of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

3. The Law Of Humility.

This law states that to change something in your life, you have to accept what currently exists because what you refuse to accept, will continue. Be humble enough to get the reality of what is happening right now so you can work on moving past it.

4. The Law Of Growth.

To grow, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. “Wherever you go, there you are,” so make sure you will continue to enjoy spending time with yourself if you do decide to stay in your comfort zone.

12 Laws Of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

5. The Law Of Responsibility.

Take responsibility for your contributions to the things happening in your life. Your life represents your inner peace or turmoil.
It is a universal truth that we mirror what surrounds us and what surrounds us mirrors us.

6. The Law Of Connection.

Every little thing in life is connected. The people you meet, the relationships you form, and the issues life throws at you are all connected. For the next stage of your life to start, the one you are in right now must be completed. Each stage in our lives is essential, and everything that shows up in that phase is connected to the next.

7. The Law Of Focus.

Put your attention on one thing at a time, and you will achieve great success in that thing.

12 Laws Of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

8. The Law Of Giving And Hospitality.

Give, and it shall be given unto you. Release that which you are holding tightly, and you will receive more of the right things in its place.

9. The Law Of Here And Now.

You can’t live in the now if you still live in the past in your mind. Your present reality will always originate from your past experiences if you don’t let your past go.

10. The Law Of Change.

History repeats itself because most people refuse to learn what their situation is teaching them and be better individuals. They refuse to see where they can do better because it’s easy to fall back to their comfort zone. The only problem with not changing is that life will throw you into the same situations repeatedly until you learn.

12 Laws Of Karma Will Change Your Approach To Life

11. The Law Of Patience And Reward.

Be patient and work hard while being smart about it, and you will see the result. Know that what is yours will never pass you by.

12. The Law Of Significance And Inspiration.

This law states that we all have value to add to the world. Each and every one of us on this planet has something of value we can add to it. No matter how small you think you can add to the world, don’t give up. Your contribution counts. Remember, consistent tiny drops make a mighty ocean.