12 Signs You Need to Break up With Your Partner

12 Signs You Need to Break up With Your Partner

Relationships are difficult to maintain and keep happy; that’s why it is so hard to notice the signs when it is over. People continue to strive for dead-end relationships because they think that they are just going through a difficult phase, and that is what they are supposed to do, but it is not. 

A relationship that seems like punishment is not a healthy relationship to stick with. Relationships have struggles that can be worked on, but certain struggles are signs of leaving the relationship and being free of constant heartache.

Here are signs it is time to break up with your partner:

Signs You Need to Break up With Your Partner
Signs You Need to Break up With Your Partner

1. Your Partner Puts You Down And Cause You To Feel Awful About Yourself

Your partner is supposed to be your biggest encourager and motivator. If that’s not happening, it is time to break up and move on.

2. Your Partner Physically Abuse You 

He or she may be sorry after laying a hand on you, but it is not enough reason to stay with them. You are not a punching bag, and you can’t change an abuser. Abuse tends to start gradually, one slap here, one shove there before you know it, you are in a casket, and your partner is getting into a relationship with someone else, so don’t stay with someone who thinks they own you and can hit you because they are angry. You are not responsible for anybody’s lack of self-control, and you are not the reason he or she hits you. They hit you because they are abusive people. Remember that. Read about these signs of a toxic relationship.

3. You Want Different Things In Life

Having different goals is okay, but you and your lover must be willing to make sacrifices to align your goals so you can both grow together. Still, in a situation where you both want different things and are not willing to align your goals on the same path so you can grow together, it is time to call it to quit.

4. You Feel Drained

Every once in a while, you will make a big sacrifice for your relationship to stay afloat. Still, if you feel like you are the only one making sacrifices all the time and you are drained from all the sacrifices you have made for the relationship, it is time to call it to quit. A relationship is a give and gives the situation. You give it to your partner, and they give it to you too. It is not a one-sided venture.

5. You Are Unhappy

Happiness is not a constant state, but it is a needed state that should happen more frequently for a fulfilled life. We are in charge of our happiness by selecting activities, lifestyles, and people that add a bit of sugar into our lives. So if you are always unhappy because of someone else’s actions, it is time to leave that relationship. If your partner only brings in bitterness and pain into your life, let them go. Check out the signs your relationship is making you unhappy.

6. You Are More Like Roommates Than Lovers

If you live in the same house, but you and your lover act like roommates, and all you both do is pay bills without any romance. It is time to move out of the house and the relationship. 

7. You Rather Avoid Talking About The Problem Because It Doesn’t Bother You Anymore

A certain amount of arguments in relationships are normal. It is a sign of wanting to make the relationship work. So when you or your partner are tired of fighting for the relationship and are no longer interested in saving the relationship, it is time to pack yourself out of the relationship in peace. 

8. You Prefer To Be Alone Or With Friends Than With Your Partner

When you’d rather be doing alone or be anywhere else than with our spouse, it’s a clue you need your freedom to be who you are without any compromise. This is a sign that you’re happier being single than be with your partner.

9. You Have Already Mentally Checked Out Of The Relationship

You physically see your partner, but mentally you are thinking of the possibility of finding your soul mate out there someday. It is time to check out of that relationship physically so you can actually find the one. 

10. Everything Your Partner Does Irritates You

Accommodating your partner’s flaws is normal in a healthy relationship, but the moment everything about them causes you to feel disgusted, it is time to call it to quit and move on. 

10. Sexual Encounter With Your Partner Feels Like A Chore

Sexual intercourse is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties, but if lovemaking with your partner feels like an activity, you don’t want to engage in with him or her. It is time to say adios. 

11. You Wish They Will Break Up With You So You Don’t Have To Do It: 

If you have to wait for them to break up with you, it is time for you to break up with them and be done with it.