5 Exercises Every Women Should Do Every Week


The body of a woman begins to go through a lot of changes as it grows. They have to take care of themselves more than they are accustomed to and maintain their health.

Women are prone to many more illnesses and can gain weight much easier. Which makes it one of the most important periods in their life.

Women should exercise regularly and have a very healthy diet to go through this period without problems.

And that’s why in this article we would like to show you this amazing workout routine, which should be preformed weekly, will help you strengthen your body, lose weight and improve your overall health.

Follow these weekly exercises:

1. Squats

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Stand up, put your feet on your shoulder, put your hands in front of you completely straight. Then lower yourself as if you would like to sit on a chair and go even further down until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the knees are over the ankles. Hold your position for a few seconds and come back. Do 20 repetitions of this exercise.

2. Burpees

2 2Standing height is your starting position with the legs placed at the distance between the shoulder. Then lower yourself in a squatting position, place your palms on the floor right in front of you and push your legs back to form a push position, make a push-up ad then you can bring your knees to your chest.

Then push up and return to the starting position, once you’re there, jump in the air and beat your palms over your head.

3. Plank

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Your starting position is a push-up position, then you should hold your elbows instead of your palms, and your elbows should be placed just below your shoulders in the same line, and your toes should be raised easy to form a complete position of the flat body.

Breathe deeply and take care to share your body weight equally in the buttocks, legs and elbows, so the exercise will affect the whole body.

4. Lunges

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Stay upright with your legs set apart your shoulder and your hands on your hips. Step forward with one of the legs, then flex the knees until the back reaches the ground or almost touches it. Then bring your body to the starting position and do it with the other foot. Do 20 repetitions of this exercise.

5. Your right leg rises

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Think on the floor with your hands under your ass. Then lift your shoulders slightly on the floor and slowly raise your feet completely straight until you form a 90-degree angle with your body and you will try to keep your upper body stable and your feet fully straight. Then lower them slowly, very close to the floor and lift them up again. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Countless women across the globe have experienced the health benefits of these simple exercises, they have managed to balance their hormonal levels, improve their health, carve their body as they wish, and reduce the amount of fat.

To experience the benefits of exercises, you must immediately start the workout immediately!