8 Early Signs of Breast Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a tumor that develops in the cells of the breasts. It is the second most common cancer, after skin cancer, affecting women. A lot of humans are not aware that breast cancer can occur in men also. However, it is widespread in women. (1)

What Causes Breast Cancer?

There are not clear precisely what causes breast cancer. Most people develop it when their breast cells begin growing abnormally.

Although some risk factors such as age, overweight, family history, late pregnancy, alcohol, and late menopause pose a role in getting exposed to breast cancer. (2)

The early symptoms of Breast Cancer

symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer vary from person to person. Some people do not have any symptoms or signs at all. Bear in mind that these signs and symptoms below can occur with other conditions that are not breast cancer.

Here are the early signs of breast cancer:

1. Change in Breast Color (Reddish or Purple Nipple)

Breast cancer can make your skin appear discolored or bruised. If you notice that your nipple change colors to reddish or purplish, it could be a symptom of cancer.

When the tumor cells attacked the nipple, it makes the skin to look different. If you experienced any change in your nipple colors, you should see a doctor.

2. Nipple Discharge That Is Clear, Red, Brownish, Or Yellowish

Another notable symptom is the discharge of color liquids or blood other than milk during the period when you are not breast-feeding. (3)

This can occur when the tumor is formed in the nipple or behind it. Get examined by a doctor right away.

3. Lymph Node Changes Size

Swollen and painful lymph nodes may be an early indication of breast cancer. The changes can occur before you can sense any lump in the breast.

The primary thing is for you to examine your lymph node (around the collarbone or armpit) to determine whether there is either difference between them. Or any feeling of pain.

If you notice a noticeable difference, it is essential to have a doctor check it.

4. Breast Swelling

Almost everyone’s has little breasts swelling during the time of the month.

However, if you have unexplained swelling or lumps that are only on one side, or around your collarbone or armpits, it can be a sign of breast cancer. Your doctor should check you.

5. Back Pain

A difference condition can cause back pain, so you do not have to assume at first that you have cancer.

Most specialists claim that most patients diagnosed with breast cancer told they felt upper back pain between shoulder blades. It is essential to know that cancerous tumors that develop in the base of the breast tissue can create back pain.

Back pain can also occur when cancer has spread.

6. Breast Pain, Tenderness And Itching

It is natural to feel pain, tenderness, and Itching in the breasts before and after menstruation. But if these signs persist, it is good to contact a doctor. These can be an indication of breast cancer.

7. Changes In The Shape Or Size Of A Breast

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer have seen noticeable changes in breast shape.

These changes are usually more visible when you wear your bra. It is advisable to check your breasts and consult a specialist.

8. Dimpling on Your Breast Skin

Dimpling on the skin is one of the signs of breast cancer, and the skin has a texture similar to an orange peel. (4)

It’s essential to pay attention to the appearance of your skin. If you notice any difference in texture on one side breast, you should see your doctor.

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Final Word

If you are concerned about your breast symptoms that won’t dissipate after 2 to 3 weeks, you should communicate with your doctor as soon as possible.