7 Benefits of Swimming You Didn’t Know About

Benefits Of Swimming 3 To 4 Times A Week

Swimming is a beneficial recreational exercise for people of all ages to refresh their bodies, minds, and soul. Not only is swimming helps maintain a healthy weight, but it also protects you from depression and stress. You should make it a habit and swim regularly from 3 to 4 times a week to gain all the health benefits.  

Here are the benefits of swimming:

Here Are The Benefits Of Swimming:

1. Swimming Helps maintain a healthy weight

Swimming is an aerobic exercise to burn your calories and get rid of extra pounds. Is swimming good for losing belly fat? According to Live Strong, the constant swimming and resistance movement from the water may help burn fat. If you swim for at least 30 minutes every day, you can maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, swimming is an ideal fun practice for those who want to lose weight, as well as for those who carefully control their figure and try to keep it slim.

2. Swimming Improve your lung efficiency

Is swimming good for the lungs? Regular swimming provides a positive impact on your lungs by increasing your pulmonary capacity, which helps to improve your lung functions. Numerous studies have proven that regular swimmers are less prone to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders and an excellent option for people with asthma due to the breathing exercises associated with swimming, increasing lung volume, and learning how to breathe correctly.

3. Swimming Improve your bones and joints 

Swimming may ease your joint stiffness, strengthen your bones and muscles around your joints. Also, swimming encourages joints to stay flexible, especially in your neck, shoulders, and thighs. If you have regular pain in your joints, then, of course, you should see a doctor and do not hesitate. Nevertheless, if you have arthritis, then swimming is just the perfect aerobic exercise for you.  

4. Swimming Ease your back pain

Back pain is one of the most obvious reasons why most people miss work or visit the doctor; luckily, you can take steps to relieve your back pain. Swimming is a very beneficial way to ease your back pain. It helps to build the muscle in your back and reduces the load on your spine. Therefore, it will significantly reduce back pain.  

5. Swimming Improves your sleep

Does swimming help you sleep? The answer is yes, swimming is an excellent practice to relax your body and mind of stress, which in turn helps you to sleep better. 

6. Swimming is Good for your heart 

Swimming is an aerobic exercise, which means it improves circulation, promotes normal blood pressure, increases breathing, and strengthens the heart muscles. Swimming for just 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, can protect you against heart disease. According to Cleveland Clinic, swimming is good for heart patients. 

7. Swimming helps to get rid of stress

Experts have proven that swimming stimulates the production of endorphins (hormones of happiness), which act as natural painkillers to neutralize the effects of stress to make the body and mind feel better and improve mood. 


Swimming is an excellent healthy type of physical activity. If you do not have distinct health problems, you can safely dive into the water and swim in any style. But if you have health problems, talk to your doctor before you swim.