7 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Sister

7 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Sister

A soul sister is one who can translate your soul without coaching. You flow with each other smoothly. She “gets” you, even without saying a word. You can communicate without verbal response in a public setting, and she will still know exactly what you are talking about. 

She is more than a best friend. She is a sister that knows who you are from the depth of your soul. Having a soul sister is like having a part of you in another person’s body. 

The question of how do you know you have met your soul sister always comes up. Here are seven signs to know:

Signs You Have Found Your Soul Sister
Soul sister relationship

1. You share the same personality and vibe

They match your energy and vibe. Whenever you are together in private or public, you both flow without stress. You are always on the same wavelength and mood. 

2. You enjoy each other’s company

One of your favorite moments on earth is when you are spending time with your soul sister. You can both lay around all day doing nothing and never get bored of each other.

3. You feel like you have known each other forever

Even though you may have just met, you feel like you have both crossed each other’s path a long time ago. Your soul sister feels so familiar to you. The connection between you two is pure and magnetic.

4. Your meeting feels intentional

Getting to know each other feels intentional and planned by God. It feels like it was supposed to happen, and you were supposed to meet her at that time and place.

5. You are entirely yourself around her.

You don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone else for her to accept you. You are free and comfortable in your own skin.

6. You can talk to her about anything.

Talking to her is easy. You can talk about anything and any topic with her. There is no need to censor yourself. 

7. They are family to you.

Your soul sister doesn’t have to be related to you by blood to be your family. They are already family just by your connection with one another. You will do anything to make them smile.


Having a soul sister is a fun experience, and the majority of the time, soul sisters meet each other at vulnerable times. They cross paths when life seems bleak, which causes them to infuse light into each other’s life and make magic.