7 Things that may wreck your relationship

7 Things That Wrecks Relationships

Here I am showing seven things that may wreck your relationship.

Relationships are fun and exciting to get into. 

In fact, that’s why you quickly get into one when you meet someone you connect with. 

When you meet someone attractive, the initial rush you feel can drive you to spend more time with them and continuously communicate with them. 

But, as the relationship progress, certain things can creep in and wreck your relationship.

What are those certain things? 

Well, that’s why I’m showing you right here the seven things that may wreck your relationship.

Let’s get started

1. Unwillingness to compromise

The truth is:

Being unwilling to compromise may wreck your relationship.


No relationship will survive without compromise. 

To build a happy, lifelong, thriving relationship: both parties involved must be willing to compromise on so many things. 

In short, it is just what it is.

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2. Bad communication skills

Poor communication may wreck your relationship, and here’s why:

If you don’t express what you need, how will your partner know what to give? 

If you don’t listen to your partner, how will you understand their needs? 

Proper communication by both parties involved is a significant step to keeping the relationship alive.

Therefore keep in mind that: good communication is very important in every relationship you have. 

3. Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is a big part of a romantic relationship, and when that is taken away, the relationship begins to die. 

Sexual and emotional intimacy is necessary for a relationship to keep thriving. 

As much as you enjoy having copulation with your partner, have emotional bonding sessions with them. 

Get to know their deepest desires. 

Share beautiful, emotionally filled moments with them. 

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4. Co-dependency

Ensuring your partner has everything that brings them joy is not a wrong move.

But dedicating your entire life to make them happy while you have no experience of your own is the wrong move. 

You are an individual who is capable of having your own dreams and goals.

Don’t keep them aside so you can dedicate your entire self to your partner. 

It will only make you resent your partner and make your partner look selfish. 

Over time, your partner may also get tired of being the only source of joy you have because that responsibility will be too much on him or her.

Bottom line: you wreck your relationship by being co-dependency on your partner. 

5. Jealousy

News flash: jealousy is one of the main reasons for many breaks up nowadays. 

The fact of the matter is unhealthy jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust in your partner.

Stop right there… 

Ask yourself these questions:

Is jealousy ruining my relationship?

If your answer is yes, then keep in mind that:

Every relationship requires trust to grow.

If you don’t trust your partner, your relationship won’t last long.

6. Cheating

The majority of people in the world do not want to share their partners.

No matter how much they tell you, they don’t have a problem sharing.

But the reality is:

  • We are naturally selfish, and having a slight sense of ownership over our partners is normal. 
  • We do not want a partner who can easily share their body and emotions with another person. 
  • We want people who are faithful to us, people we can trust. 

According to some studies, cheating is one of the significant causes of divorce in our society today.

Why? Because it destroys our trust, and it is a disrespectful act.

Therefore if you don’t want to wreck your relationship: do not cheat. 

But if you are already cheating, stop right now. 

7. Poor financial skills

One major thing that can wreck your relationship is the fact that you have poor financial skills.

According to study surveys, one of the top five reasons for divorce is finances. 

Honestly, a financially unstable person with poor spending skills will lead to any romantic relationship they get into bankruptcy. 

The truth is:

You and your partner have to work on being financially savvy so that finances won’t be the relationship’s downfall. 

In conclusion:

We run into a problem in relationships because we neglect everything we use to do with our partners when we first got together. 

The more we spend time with our spouses, the more we get so comfortable and lose our core values, which ends up wrecking the relationship. 

I hope this article helps you save your relationship.

Good luck!

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