9 Ways to Respond to Negative Person

Ways to Respond to Negative Person

Negativity is such an easy mindset to adopt for most people. The very moment something terrible happens, everyone wants to complain about it, instead of finding a solution to fix the problem. It is effortless energy to spread around and hold onto, that’s why it’s everywhere. 

If you realize that negative people surround your life, you are not alone, but here are nine ways to respond to their negativity without becoming negative yourself:

1. Ignore Them.

If someone is spewing out negativity towards you, just ignore them. When they are tired, they will keep quiet. Don’t try to engage them to defend yourself because of previous experience. You know that never works. You only end up being angry like them, so just pretend they are not there.

2. Don’t Take It Personal.

People act from who they are and not from who you are. People get sensitive and react to things from their own experiences that have nothing to do with you. Know that, whenever someone comes at you with so much negativity, it is because they struggle with themselves and not you.

9 Ways to Respond to Negative Person

3. Have Compassion For Them.

How many times in your life have you seen a genuinely happy person act mean to other people? I can tell you it’s very few or you’ve never seen one, that’s because happy people don’t express negativity unto others. People who are glowing up and making moves in their life hardly have time to complain with negative people. 

So pity the negative folks because they are fighting an internal battle with themselves. The battle is not against you but themselves, and they don’t know how to heal themselves, so they lash out on those who have their life together.

9 Ways to Respond to Negative Person

4. Be Patient With Yourself And Others.

Be a ray of sunshine every single time of your life and be patient with the negativity around. Eventually, it will take itself out. Don’t try to rush the negativity out; just be patient and remain calm.

5. See The Situation From The Person’s Perspective.

Try to see the situation from the person’s end, instead of the situation itself. Ask yourself, why is this person behaving this way? Why are they saying that? Do they have more information about the situation that I don’t have? Are they just jealous? Do they feel left out? e.t.c. Seeing the situation from the negative person’s perspective may help you understand them more and, perhaps, provide a solution to whatever is getting them worked up.

9 Ways to Respond to Negative Person

6. Choose Love Every Time.

Whenever someone starts going on and on about things that are just obviously negative and not good for your mental health, choose to act in love. Talk to them from a place of love. Don’t yell at them to stop; just respond from a place of love.

7. Smile More.

Whenever a negative person enters your bubble, smile more so they know their words didn’t get to you and remember that their negative words are about themselves and not you.

9 Ways to Respond to Negative Person

8. Don’t Make Assumptions Or Judge.

Don’t judge them or assume you know why they are acting so off-putting, just be the bigger person and detach yourself from the situation. Don’t entertain their antics either.

9. Be The Matured One.

Don’t throw tantrums, insult them, or be impulsive to get them to stop talking. Don’t stoop to their level. Just give them a time out in your mind like a parent will give a child and carry on like they don’t exist. They will eventually get their act together, or they will leave you alone.


“Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people to add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet so that those with unhealthy tongues won’t have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases.” – Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign.

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