10 At-home Date Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Strong

10 At-home Date Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Strong

Going out to eat at fancy restaurants with your lover or traveling to far distant areas to look at the sunset and the moon come out is a beautiful thing, but so is having a date at home. For most people, when they think about having a date at home, all that comes to their mind is time to have sex and call it a day, but having a date at home can be so much fun if you and your partner want it to be—the intention behind hanging out with your lover matters. 

One of the very many reasons we go out on dates is to spend time with our partners and get to know them better. Food is just a factor that makes the process of ‘’getting to know each other ‘’ go smoother.

Here are a few date ideas to try out at home:

1. Take out, Netflix and Chill

Order food in, watch a movie or start a new series together that you have both been dying to see and enjoy yourselves like you are in the cinema.

2. Cook in together

Come up with a recipe you both think you will enjoy, cook it together and gist in the process. As you cook, learn about each other cooking history. How long they have been cooking for or perhaps they don’t know how to cook. Then teach them a few tricks and tips that can help them cook even the simplest meal. Drink wine, and have a good time.

At-home Date Ideas
At-home Date Ideas

3. Read a story together

Get books that are interactive and play the roles like you both are in the studio and acting a scene just for the fun of it.

4. Play a game

Spend date night playing a game or two. This will bring out each other competitive side. It will help you and your partner know how you both react to situations that look competitive. 

  • Are you both the type of partners who feels bad for losing but yet still complement each other for winning? 
  • Are you the type of couple who hold on to grudges when one person is winning, and the other is losing? 

Use game time to know each other strengths and weaknesses while having fun. A couple is not supposed to be a competition with each other no matter the circumstances. They are supposed to support each other irrespective of who is winning at something but life test every couple in this area to see how much you enjoy celebrating your partner. 

At-home Date Ideas
At-home Date Ideas

5. Spa date at home

Plan a spa day at home with your lover. Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa by making a warm bubble bath, add incense, lit up candles, play a playlist of music that set the mood and add a glass of wine to make the spa day complete.

6. Have a double date or group date with friends

Having a double date with friends is fun, especially when done at home. Every couple can bring a dish you all can eat while getting to know each other better and exploring your friendships as couples. 

7. Learn how to dance with your partner at home

Go on YouTube and check out beginner guide to the type of dance steps you and your partner want to learn and practice with each other.

At-home Date Ideas
Date Ideas

8. Listen to songs together

Plan a date to spend time listening to songs and sing together.

9. Tap into your artsy sides

If you and your partner are very artsy people, you can create a song together, do an indoor photoshoot for two, paint a room together, decorate your sitting room together or create different craftworks that you both enjoy.

10. Create a blanket fort

Indoor camping may look childish, but it is extremely fun, so create your own blanket fort with your partner or set up your camping tent indoors and enjoy eating snacks while sharing stories.