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Why being single is better than being in an unhealthy relationship

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Nowadays, everyone is so concerned about their relationship, whether it’s a friend’s relationship or marital relationship. People are being fascinated by movies and fantasy world that is different from the real world. Whatever your wish of relationship always keeps one thing in mind makes happiness your priority regardless of your relationship status.

Being truly happy is something very important in any relationship. And if you feel that you are in an unhealthy relationship means you are unhappy; it’s better to be single. Let me tell you some points that will open up the reality of being single, being the best.

Here is why being single is better than being in an unhealthy relationship

1. Equality – every relationship demands it!

According to a therapist, if your relationship is not mutually fulfilling, you are in an unhealthy relationship! If your person is not treating you well and you have to lie to everyone or pretend that you are so happy in this way, you are hurting yourself. It will hurt you more and also embarrassing. Don’t let anyone make you feel hurt, and if it does, then this relationship is not for you!

2. Do you think making time together is a time wasted?

If you think the time you spend together was never memorable. It means that you are not with the right person. In some cases, if you think whenever you went out to dinner or lunch and ended up with a nonsense conversation or fights? Then, my dear, it’s better for you to leave that relationship and stay single.

Have you ever thought dressed up of your own choice, went out for a coffee, and having a coffee all alone and giving time to yourself is more awesome? And what can be more awesome than being you, hmm?

3. Is being single, being alone?

Wait for a second! Does reading this article make you feel being single is to be alone? Or you have this feeling and fear of being alone? Then you are mistaken!  

Being single is the best feeling. It gives you time to explore more about yourself. You can think of what relationship you want to have? What should be the qualities of a person you must date or spend life with? Like homework used to be an essential part of school life, so does your practical life needs homework for your future plan. Never forget to do so.

4. Regret? They are unknown to me!

It’s better to be single and have time for future planning rather than to jump into a relationship without any inquiry. And what are the consequences? A total regret of being in an unhealthy relationship. Where you have to put effort to make your partner happy, and the other never cares. Wasn’t it better to take the time or to be single? If you have to struggle this much and the result is what a never-ending regret.  

4. Life is short, take time for you!

You must have heard life is just like an ice-cream; eat it before it melts! Life is too short; you must first take time for yourself. Explore your thoughts, your purpose of being here, and enjoy every aspect of your life. It is important to be with your friend, explore nature, have some activities that calm your mind and add meaning to your life. Do you think you will be able to achieve such a thing being in an unhealthy relationship? You will just waste your time.

5. No one is allowed to make you feel broken!

One thing you should always keep in mind is, you are worth everything! Never sacrifice nor dominant anyone. Everything needs to be in a normal ratio. But if you feel you are the one sacrificing more for your partner, then you lack something. If you think you have some complex and your partner is the reason for that. And you end up shutting yourself behind doors and feel broken. Then it’s better to quit a relationship that makes you feel this heartbroken.

6. Self-esteem – a compulsory!

No one has the right to make others feel hurt or broken. No one can hurt your self-esteem, not even your partner. The relationship never flourishes if you hurt the self-esteem of your partner. Never compromise your self-esteem or self-worth for the one who won’t deserve it. You must be in a relationship that supports you rather than discourage you. Or it’s better to be single.


I hope you have now come to know your worth! Be yourself rather than be a support for others all the time. Also, don’t afraid! Being single is never being alone but being yourself!