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Super health benefits and uses of lemongrass

benefits and uses of lemongrass
  • The benefits of lemongrass include its potential to relieve anxiety since it contains natural antidepressants. 
  • Researches confirm that lemongrass possesses multiple pharmacological substances such as antibacterial, antidiarrheal, antioxidants, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It may also help to treat areas of skin affected by the fungus because of its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Lemongrass is considered a natural remedy for an upset stomach and is used as a mouth wash to reduce sore throat pain since it contains natural antiseptics. 

Lemongrass, also known as Citronella or British Indian Lemongrass, is a stalky and tall native Sri Lanka and South India herb. With its Lemony aroma and citrus flavor, this plant is an essential ingredient in Asian cooking.

This plant has long and thin leaves similar to seagrasses that use for medicinal purposes. It is commonly taken orally as Lemongrass tea or directly applied on the skin as essential lemongrass oil. Besides, it is also inhaled in aromatherapy for different purposes. In this article, we will highlight a few excellent uses and benefits of lemongrass. 

Uses of Lemongrass

  • As a Flavoring agent: The lower bulbs and stalks of this plant have a lemony scent added in different dishes like marinades, teas, broths, and curries. Partly its sweeter and milder taste, it is used in Asian and Thai cuisine. 
  • Medicinal Purposes: Besides being a flavoring agent, lemongrass serves different medicinal purposes. People use it as tea and lemongrass essential oil to cure multiple ailments. For example, they use lemongrass to treat digestive tract problems, stomach aches, pain, convulsions, vomiting, hurting joints, fever, and the common cold. Sometimes it is used as a mild astringent to eradicate germs. Likewise, essential oils are directly applied to the skin for relief in body pain. 
  • For aromatherapy: Lemongrass is also used in aromatherapy to improve blood circulation, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • In manufacturing: In addition to this, lemongrass is also used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps. Similarly, it is useful in making natural citral and Vitamin A. 

Here are 6 super health benefits of lemongrass

Lemongrass or its different forms offer many health benefits as it is used as a cure to fight diseases. More than a herbal tea, this plant is itself a health booster that does more than making you feel relax and calm. Keep scrolling to know more about its health benefits: 

1. Relieve anxiety

Lemongrass tea acts as an anxiety relief agent as it has anxiety-reducing properties in itself. According to research, smelling this lemony plant may help anxiety. Identically, many people inhale extracted essential oil to relieve anxiety, tension, and stress. 

2. Reduce body inflammation

Lemongrass has anti-inflammatory properties because of some useful compounds in it: such as geranial, chlorogenic acid, swertiajaponin, citral, and isoorientin. These beneficial compounds stop the release of certain inflammation-causing free radicals in the human body, consequently, reduce inflammation in the body. 

3. Lower cancer risk

Multiple compounds in Lemongrass or lemongrass extracts have potent anti-cancer abilities and help to fight against cancer. These compounds fight cancer either by boosting the immune system to fight cancer cells itself or directly kill cancer cells. Besides this, lemongrass tea is also drunk during radiation and chemotherapy as adjuvant therapy. 

4. Regulate cholesterol level

High cholesterol level increases the risk of stroke or heart attack, to compensate this you are supposed to lower cholesterol that makes possible by lemongrass extracts. The study shows that cholesterol regulation depends on the dose that you take. The more quantity you take, the more it lessens cholesterol level. 

5. Control high blood pressure

Lemongrass is a brilliant formula to regulate high systolic pressure because of its richness in potassium that increases urine production in the body. Consequently, it stimulates blood circulation in the body and reduces blood pressure. Doctors suggest that people with heart problems must use lemongrass extracts in moderation to maintain both systolic and diastolic pressure. 

6. Burns fats

If you are going to start a weight loss plan, lemongrass tea must be on your list. Lemongrass tea boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss and burning more calories to give you a smart body. Lemongrass tea is a natural diuretic. If you drink enough of it, you will drop some pounds of your weight. To replace your soft drinks with lemongrass herbal tea may help you to reach your burn fats goals.