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Are sweet potato skins edible? Here are the benefits of eating sweet potato skins

eating sweet potato skins
  • Sweet Potatoes are rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and are very beneficial for health. 
  • The sweet potatoes’ skin is edible and should be consumed as they carry some of the fiber, vitamins (A, C, and E), antioxidants, and minerals that are also present in potatoes.
  • Sweet potato skin possesses numerous health benefits such as promoting a healthy gut, feeling fullness, boost immunity, preventing several chronic diseases, etc.

Potato is one of the most inestimable vegetables out there. We commonly use Potato for a wide variety of cuisines and would be fair enough to say that most of this world’s population loves them. But we often consume potatoes after peeling of the skin. However, many people believe that we should eat potatoes, most specifically sweet potatoes, with their skin as they share many health benefits. 

So, the big question is simple, are sweet potato skin edible, and do they yield any health benefits? The answer is yes with thousands of researches, scientists have proven that eating sweet potato skins is safe and can have various health benefits. Sweet Potato skins are found to be rich in fiber, multiple nutrients, and antioxidants. 

Potatoes are often a part of our meals, and keeping the skin on can boost your meal’s nutrients and fibers. Therefore, in this post, we will share some of the benefits that sweet potato skin can provide to make you rethink before peeling the skin off from a potato again.

Are there any risks in eating sweet potato skins?

But before we start stating the benefits of sweet potato skin, it’s important to know do they have any risk? The answer is No, they don’t, but the potatoes must be washed thoroughly as they are grown underground, and dirt and other bacteria may be left on the skin. However, you can consume potatoes with their skin after washing them properly to take advantage of all their health benefits.

Delicious ways to eat sweet potato skins

After washing sweet potatoes properly, you can easily consume them in various ways such as;

  • Fried
  • Baked
  • Boiled
  • And many other ways

Keep in mind that some cuisines and desserts are best without skin, and you should peel off the skin for better taste and experience. 

Here are the benefits of eating sweet potato skins

Here's the benefits of eating sweet potato skins

1. Sweet potato skins are loaded with nutrients 

Sweet Potatoes are packed with various nutrients that are healthy for your body. These nutrients are best obtained with the skin kept on while eating. They have a high amount of fiber, potassium, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and other various minerals. They possess a high quantity of antioxidants such as beta carotene, anthocyanins, vitamins C and E to help protect your body from several chronic diseases.

2. Sweet potato skins keep the gut healthy

As sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and antioxidants, they have proven to make your gut healthy. The insoluble fiber from these potatoes is not digested instantly and stays within the digestive tract to provide several health benefits related to the gut. The insoluble and soluble fiber have further proven to improve your digestive system.

4. Sweet potato skin may fight cancer

The antioxidants that are present in sweet potatoes are expected to protect your body from various types of cancer. Although this fact can’t be proven, some test-tube studies state that anthocyanins – which are a group antioxidant present in purple potatoes have proven to slow down the growth of different types of cancer ranging from stomach, bladder, and breast. Moreover, various sweet potatoes with their skins have proven to carry anti-cancer properties in test tube tests and research. However, science is still to test if these properties are any good for us humans.

5. Sweet potato skin may improve vision

Sweet Potatoes with skin are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant converted to Vitamin A when consumed. Vitamin A is beneficial for improved vision as it forms light-detecting receptors in your eyes. Sweet Potatoes with skins are said to provide about 200 grams of beta-carotene, seven times more than the average need of an adult per day. As it produces Vitamin A in the body, people suffering from Vitamin A deficiency can also benefit from it.

6. Sweet potato skin improve brain functioning

Several studies on animals have shown that the antioxidants present in sweet potatoes improve brain functioning. Moreover, it has also been proven to reduce inflammation in the brain and protect it from damage. However, these tests are still to be tested on humans.

7. Sweet potato skin can better immune system

With their Vitamin A and C properties, sweet potatoes have proven to help people fighting against Vitamin deficiencies. They have also proven to improve immunity due to being rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, science is still to determine if sweet potatoes have any effect on a person’s immunity.

In conclusion

These were some of the advantages that you can obtain by consuming sweet potatoes with their skin. Potatoes are largely consumed through various cuisines. They can be easily added to your diet in various ways, such as baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, steamed potatoes, etc. 

Sweet potato skin is very beneficial for health and improves your immune system, vision, gut health, brain functioning, etc. In addition to that, they carry antioxidants that may help protect an individual from various cancer cells, radical damage, and chronic diseases. They should be consumed only after washing properly and can be eaten in many different ways such as boiled, fried, steamed, baked, etc.