Benefits Of Sage Burning In Home

Benefits Of Sage Burning In Home

Sage has been considered one of the spices in the family of herbs and spices. Many sage species have been used for years in terms of medical, spiritual, and culinary reasons. It has a good reputation since history as it acts as a powerful source for health issues. It originates its Latin name salvia, which means healing.

Sage burning, although it is from the times of history, in this new era it is becoming a tradition in terms of spiritual practices. It is said, burning sage purifies the air and fill it with much positivity.

There are a lot of benefits that sage burning provides for a long time. Let see what the benefits sage burning is provided us.

Where To Get Sages For Burning

The first step of practicing sage burning is getting the resources for sage burning. You can get sage from any online store or any other medicinal source. You can even get it from any spice Market. You can grow it at your home too.


Aromatherapy is mostly suggested tp people dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issues. As it is said, scent plays a vital role in soothing the mood and make you calm.

Sage is used for aromatherapy as it provides a soothing smell after the burning, which greatly benefits a person dealing with any mental health problems.

Positive Benefits Of Sage Burning:

Positive Benefits Of Sage Burning
  • Stress Relief: The aroma of burning sage can de-stress your body. When you feel low or stress a lot, the sage’s fragrance can help you feel calm and stress-free. Science says aromatherapy can help a person feel less anxious and relaxed as the perfume reacts with some parts of the brain and tends to calm the body.
  • Purify the air: Science says white sages have properties like antifungal, antibacterial, and insect repellent. Also, burning sage is used as an air purifier for centuries now. It helps purify the air around you, plus it provides positive energy as it has a loved fragrance.
  • Enables you to sleep well: It is quite apparent if you are surrounded by negative energy around your bedroom, you tend to sleep less or wake up often while sleeping. People use sage burning on and off to get relief from insomnia. As the embers of sage are burnt into ashes, it provides a soothing scent in the room, which helps you sleep well and wake up fresh.
  • Ward off negativity and Increase positive vibes: If you are sitting somewhere where you can breathe fresh, you automatically feel good and energetic. As the sage burning ceremony clears the negative energy around you and fills the space with positive vibes, you eventually start to feel vibrant and more inspired to work.
  • Improve your mood and cognition: Burning sage can dispel the negative energy around you, making your mood fresh, improve focus, and strengthening memory.
  • For spiritual purposes: Burning sage is also a method to connect with spiritual powers and enhance intuition. For years burning sage was used as a form through which one could achieve a healing state or find solutions in spiritual dilemmas.

Risk Of Sage Burning

  • If done reasonably and with utmost carefulness, then there is no risk of burning sages. But one needs to be very mich careful if they have a child in their homes.
  • One should be careful with lit up sages as it can cause burns and even fire. If not handled carefully.
  • Never leave a burning sage unattended. Pit the burnt sage out of the house once used.
  • Asthmatic people or any other respiratory issues can be sensitive to the smoke of sage.

How You Can Prepare A Smudge

There are some rules to perform this activity. Suppose one is performing smudging to clear the negatives energy in terms of spiritual practices. Then you should remove the animal and human from the space where you are practicing this.

Make sure to keep one window open while and after the smudging. It is said that the smoke of the sage can take out all the negative energies in the home with them; thus, keeping the window open is a must.

Smudge Your Living Space And Home

In this instance, direct sage smoke overall spaces and surfaces in your living area or home.

Few recommend working in a clockwise direction around your home, ending back where you started, mainly for spiritual purposes, while others recommend counterclockwise.

Sage tea benefits

Sage Tea Benefits

Another beneficial thing about sages is sage tea. Sage tea is an infusion of aromatic herbs. It contains many benefits that affect the body in the right ways. Sage tea can be beneficial for oral health, be useful for skin, and promote women’s health.

One can also take sage tea as a mood booster to soothe the mood and calms your anxiety and depression.

Apart from sage burning, one can also include sage tea intake to keep their inner health and the surrounding peaceful and positive.

Some Questions About Sage Burning

What Type Of Sages Can Be Burned?

White sage, lavender sage, blue sage, and familiar sages can be used for burning.

What Can You Say While Burning Sage?

It’s totally up to you and your spiritual beliefs how you wait to chant while sage burning.

Is Palo Santo Better Than Sage?

Palo santo is loved because of its woody and forestry scent.

will burning sage keep insects away

Sage burning can serve a good insect repellent.

In Conclusions

Buring of sage provides many health benefits like it has antimicrobial properties plus in enhancing the brain work. More studies are needed in this field as of now saw burning is more famous as are spiritual practices than medical.

Although burning sage is considered a sacred form of worship, some countries make sure to treat it with respect.

Sage burning has been used year after year in terms of spiritual connection and religious terms. However, it has excellent medical values. But the world has known it popularly for its superior engagement in connecting positively around the atmosphere.

But before you opt for practicing sage burning for any spiritual act, do keep a proper knowledge about the same.

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