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4 carbs to avoid if you want to lose belly fat

carbs to avoid if you want to lose belly fat
  • Carbs are short for Carbohydrates. They are classified into two different types good carbs and bad carbs. 
  • Good carbs are good for health, and they are essential for the human body as well. 
  • Carb-rich foods can have a complex effect on your body depending on the types of carbs: sugar, fiber, and starch.
  • This article is a section on how to lose weight faster

Carbohydrates are essential for the human body as they are healthy. There is a difference in the amount of fiber for both good and bad carbs. What is fiber? Fiber helps in making your digestive system healthy and keep the bowels moving. Fiber can be found in some fruits and vegetables like corn, carrot, and peas. Fiber prevents you from diabetes and heart disease. It also helps in preventing blood clots that can cause heart attacks or strokes. Carbohydrates with less fiber are considered to be bad carbohydrates with more fiber are considered as good carbs.

Now the question is which carbs are bad, and why should a person avoid them? Bad carbs mostly have excessive sugar that boosts your weight gaining process. It can make you gain more weight, and as a result, your weight will be heavier than necessary. That is why people should avoid as many bad carbs as they can.

These are carbs to avoid if you want to lose belly fat

Many bad carbs should be avoided. We will list a few of them so you can be careful next time before consuming those carbs.

1. Fried food

Everyone says fried food is not good for health, but no one tells why it is so? Because fried food we get is mostly high calories and low quality. The second and the most important thing is fried food is very high in Trans Fats. Now, what do Trans Fats do? It offsets your cholesterol balance, and these trans fats are oxidized very easily, which means they create inflammation in the human body. To lose belly fat, you need to create a low inflammation state. So, you should avoid fried food as much as you can and consume them a maximum of once a month.

2. Sugary drinks and juices

Drinks and juices have more sugar than a normal human body needs. Coca Cola is one of the most popular examples of a sugar drink; another example can be taken of Starbucks. Starbucks releases drinks on special days or occasions, and they rate sugar levels with several donuts. Starbucks’ one drink contains a sugar level equivalent to 5-6 donuts, which is a very high quantity. Now, this type of sugar drink does not keep a person satiated and will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, and the body has to compensate for all that consumption. 

People who want to lose weight need to lower their carbs intake and avoid the spike in carbs and insulin levels. If you are serious about losing your body weight or belly fat, you should stop consuming sugar drinks or juices as soon as possible. If you want to consume protein or Vitamin C, get them from some fruits.

3. Refined grains

Refined grains include things like rice, oats, and bread. These things can higher your sugar level a lot more than they should. So, when you are on a diet, you should avoid food like rice because cutting refined grains will directly impact weight loss. When you have lost weight and reached your desired figure, then you can surely continue this food but in a reasonable quantity. But on a diet, try to avoid as much as you can because it will lower the blood sugar spikes and help the body get sensitive to insulin again. Moreover, avoid a pre-cooked meal. When a packet comes with a label that it is pre-cooked, then that meal will surely spike your sugar level.

4. Non-Organic wheat

Non-Organic wheat is a highly sprayed crop with a pesticide called glyphosate, and we spray because we got to keep pests away from crops. Still, when we eat the wheat sprayed with glyphosate, it messes with our digestive tract and kills good gut bacteria. This creates a Dybosis situation, which means bad bacteria replace good bacteria, and as a result, we get gas, bloating, and different digestive infections. These good bacteria, known as probiotics in our body, affect how we lose weight or belly fat. Probiotics are essential for humans as they help digest and prevent inflammation as well, and non-organic wheat removes probiotics. So, avoid non-organic wheat as much as you can.

What can you eat?

A person on a diet might be thinking of leaving diet as almost everything is not recommended, but here are few things you can eat during the diet. You can eat whole fruits and vegetables as they will not harm your body or spike your sugar level. And if you want to eat some sweets, you can eat 75% dark chocolate as it contains very little sugar and is a good option for you. You can also take no sugar coconut ice-cream bars, as they also have no sugar and can be consumed.


So, these were some carbs that a person should avoid as much as they can. Because when you are diet with full dedication, you want to lose belly fat as much as you can and as fast as you can. To achieve your goal, you need to avoid some food and carbs that we have explained as patience gives the best results.