8 Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

8 Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

Being cheated on is awful. It can devastate a person and leave them feeling that something is wrong with them, which is not true. Cheating usually has a lot to do with the cheater themselves and nothing to do with their partners. 

Here are eight reasons people cheat on their partners:

8 Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

1. They Fell Out Of Love.

When people fall out of love, they take a different approach. Most healthy people with good boundaries and communication skills will discuss their feelings with their partners and look for a solution that may consist of going to couple’s therapy or a break-up. Those who struggle with healthy communication skills choose other methods such as cheating to get you to break up with them, instead.

2. Revenge.

The anger invokes by being cheated on can cause a person to seek revenge. In the act of revenge, the person cheated on eventually steps out on the relationship.

3. Situational Cheating.

Some people cheat because they had the opportunity to cheat; some were drunk or pressured by friends to do it because “everyone does it.” We all know everyone does not cheat; only some do. The people who pressure others to express bad behaviors are struggling with their choices, but to not feel alone, they pressure others to join them.

4. Self Esteem Issues.

Sexual conquests have been said to boost self-esteem, so some people step out on their partners because they believe that if someone else can find them attractive, they will feel better about themselves, and it means they have value.

5. Lack Of Commitment.

Less sense of commitment to the primary partner can motivate some people to cheat because they don’t feel the need to secure their primary partner.

6. Unmet Needs.

Having different s*x drive levels in a relationship or spending lots of time away from each other due to career or study can lead to a person’s sexual and intimate needs unmet. This can cause some people to stray away from their partners into someone else’s arms to get their comfort.

7. The Excitement Of Having S*x With More People.

Some people have sexually fulfilling relationships, but they just want to have s*x with as many people as possible until they feel tired of it or don’t want to do that anymore.

8. Variety and Fantasy.

“Variety is the spice of life” is a statement that runs true for some people’s sexual life. In order to fulfill whatever sexual fantasy they have, some people step out on the relationship to achieve that.