The habits that will damage your heart

Damage Your Heart

Our habits have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Scientists, after prolonged research, have identified those habits that can damage the heart. They suggest changing such practices with healthy habits that won’t have adverse effects on one’s heart and keep it strong and running.

The question is what the habits that can damage your heart are. In this post, I’ll take a look at ten habits that can adversely affect the heart, and changing them can be good for your health and well-being. 

1. Missing the breakfast

Many people have the habit of skipping breakfast on some pretext or other. This is one of the worst habits that can turn a healthy heart into a damaged one. A study conducted by Harvard Research Group revealed that people who skip breakfast habitually are much more vulnerable to cardiac problems than those having regular breakfast. You have to realize that it is the most important part of your daily diet because you spend a long time without food at night and need a healthy breakfast to get enough nutrients to run the anatomy. 

2. Spending too much time before tv or computers

When you spend long hours before the television or your computer, you skip the required physical activities that can keep your heart healthy. On the other hand, you will be subjected to electromagnetic radiation harming your health. The habit can result in attracting diseases like spondylitis and others, including cardiac problems. Remaining inactive for long hours makes the heart work harder and landing your heart problems. The reason is that such habits thicken the blood and puts enormous pressure on the heart. To avoid such eventualities, you should develop the healthy habits of moving around twice per hour of sitting before the TV or computer. 

3. The habit of getting stressed

Many people have the habit of getting stressed unnecessarily without any valid reasons. The result is that they become anxious, and their body starts releasing stress hormones like cortisol as well as adrenaline. At such times the blood pressure level goes higher, creating damages to the heart. This happens as the increased heart rate can damage blood vessels in the heart, increasing the chances of heart strokes. For such people, yoga and meditation can help reduce stress levels and reduce the chances of heart attacks. 

4. Indiscriminate alcohol consumption

Habitual alcohol consumers resorting to the habit of indiscriminate consumption of the substance develop a greater amount of vulnerabilities to heart problems. Such habit will result in enhancement of blood pressure as well as calorie intakes that would result in fat gain and weight increase that are major reasons for getting cardiac problems. According to medical scientists, obesity is one of the major reasons people get damaged hearts that could be renal in most cases. The reason is that alcohol consumption can reduce the ability of the heart to pump blood affecting its functionalities. 

5. Inhaling cigarette smokes

You may be a smoker or spend a long time in an environment where you are exposed to cigarette or cigar smoke. In either case, you run a big risk of damaging your heart by inhaling smoke. The reason is that such a habit can lead to blood clotting preventing the natural flow of blood to the heart. They can also damage the heart by building up plaques. Despite the statutory warning cigarette smoking is injurious to health printed on every pack, smoking them is a habit for many people. These are the people who have greater chances of landing into heart problems. 

6. Diet lacking fruits and vegetables

Many people do not include adequate green and leafy vegetables and fruits in their daily diets. If you are one of them, then the bad news for you is that you run the greater risk of damaging your heart. To keep the heart in good condition, it is necessary to eat food with high fiber and low-fat contents. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are two of the best foods that can keep your heart healthy. 

7. Eating a high amount of salt

Many people are fond of salty food, and salt is essential for living. However, like most other things, eating too much salt in some way or other can substantially damage your heart. Salt comes in the list of prohibited food component for people having high blood pressure. The reason is that sodium contents in salt can spike blood pressure and cause damages to your heart. Even people without such health problems should not consume more than 20-24 thousand mg per day. For people over 50 years of age, the recommended amount is 1500 gm. 

8. Over consuming red meat

Most people are aware of doctors and dieticians’ recommendation about not eating red meat regularly because they contain a lot of saturated fats. Such fats are bad for health and can damage your heart considerably. People preferring non-vegetarian diets may shift the preference to eating fish instead because they contain healthy ingredients like Omega3 fatty acids, among others. Chickens can be an alternative, but the growing concern about bird flu is an obstacle to the indiscriminate use of chicken and eggs. Fish thus stands out as a healthy alternative to red meat. 

9. Eating junk food

One of the worst habits for anyone that can damage his or her heart is the reliance on fast food that is considered junk food. While many people hard-pressed to save time and cannot prepare home foods for some reason, others often rely on fast foods containing the most unhealthy components. Such foods usually are oil-rich and contain a large number of fats and sugar, among others. At the same time, they lack the necessary nutrients to keep your heart healthy. The greatest danger is that they can create blockages on the way of blood circulation to the heart, inviting various cardiac problems. 

10. Inadequate physical activities

Many people suffer from cardiac problems because they do not perform the required amount of physical activities. The result is the storage of unhealthy fats in the anatomy and a bad impact on the heart. It is only having a disciplined lifestyle combining adequate exercises, including walking and jogging, among others, a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking, including alcohol consumption, can lead to a healthy heart.

In conclusion

There may be others, but the above are the top 10 bad habits that can damage your heart and should be replaced with healthy habits as soon as possible.