7 Reasons to drink green tea with lemon

7 Reason to drink green tea with lemon

Is it good to drink green tea with lemon? 

Have you ever tried adding lemon juice to your cup of green tea?

If not, then you are missing something very big. 

Studies have shown that drinking green tea with lemon gives you some amazing health benefits. 

Therefore, I’m showing you seven reasons to drink green tea with lemon.

1. Green tea and lemon are enriched with antioxidants

The first benefit of drinking green tea with lemon is that both are enriched with antioxidants

Certain oxidants inside our body are responsible for causing: 

  • Inflammation
  • Cellular damage
  • Different diseases

As HealthLine explains:

Green tea and lemon have antioxidants that will fight and eliminate the harmful oxidants present in your body. 

This way, they will prevent inflammation and other diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. 

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2. Green tea and lemon help you lose weight

Obesity is the root cause of many health problems like: 

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart diseases
  • Pain in joints

Therefore, if you are obese, you must lose your extra weight to live a healthy life.

That said…

Why is adding lemon juice to your cup of green tea so important for losing weight?

The caffeine and catechins in green tea help boost your metabolism and increase fat burning. 

While lemon is high in vitamin C, low in calories, and has diuretic properties that promote detoxification of your body, therefore helping you lose weight.

In fact:

Research tells us that a study done on 115 women suggests that drinking green tea significantly helps you lose weight and burn more fat.

Another study done on animals suggested that some compounds in lemon help you lose weight and also prevent further weight gain. 

The bottom line is this:

If you look for the easiest drink to lose weight? 

Green tea with lemon should be your number one choice.

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3. Green tea and lemon protect you from diabetes

Diabetes is a rapidly growing medical condition that has a very drastic impact on your health.

It’s important to note that various studies done by scientists have shown that drinking green tea with lemon is also very effective against insulin resistance and diabetes.

The reason is that green tea and lemon are enriched with antioxidant compounds that are very beneficial against diabetes.

4. Green tea and lemon strengthen your immune system

Your body’s immune system is responsible for fighting against the invading pathogens and protecting your body from diseases. 

Here’s the secret:

If your immune system is strong, you will enjoy good health, and if your immune system is weaker, you will get sick easily.

It is said that drinking green tea with lemon is very beneficial for your immune system. 

The reason is that green tea has a lot of antioxidant compounds, whereas lemon is enriched with vitamin C

Both are best for your immune system as they contribute to strengthening it and saving you from different diseases. 

In fact, this is the particular reason why people often drink green tea with lemon when they have flu or cold.

5. Green tea and lemon improve your liver health

The liver is one of the very important organs of our body and plays a crucial role. 

Of course, the health and performance of your liver have a significant impact on your overall health.

So how is green tea with lemon good for your liver?

The good thing about green tea and lemon is that they also improve your liver health. 

According to experts, the antioxidant compounds present in both green tea and lemon are very beneficial for your liver. 

They will remove the harmful oxidants and prevent inflammation or damage to the liver cells. 

This way, your liver will be cleansed and stay healthy. 

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6. Green tea and lemon boost your energy level

Most of us drink coffee every morning because it contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that boosts our energy levels and makes us feel active & fresh.

Both green tea and lemon have a similar effect on your mind and body. 

The reason is that green tea is also a source of caffeine. 

It will stimulate your nervous system and make your mind fresh, alert, and active.

Therefore, if you are not a big lover of coffee, green tea with lemon is a perfect choice for you. 

It will also refresh your mind, raise your energy levels, and allow you to start the day with activeness. 

7. Green tea & lemon keep you hydrated

Having enough fluids in your body is very important for your overall health.

All in all, drinking green tea with lemon will keep your body hydrated and also give you plenty of health benefits.

This way, you’ll be able to save yourself from certain medical conditions like: 

  • Dehydration
  • Kidney stones
  • Constipation
  • Headaches


These were all the health benefits that you can enjoy if you drink green tea with lemon. 

Moreover, you will also love the refreshing and delicious taste of lemon in green tea.

However, you also need to avoid drinking excess green tea with lemon as it can cause acidity and heartburn. 

Why? Because an excess of anything is bad. 

So, keeping a balance is the key.

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