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Exercise to get a smaller waist and bigger hips

Exercise to get a smaller waist

Exercise is one of the main things a person should do in his daily life as exercise prevents us from being lazy and tired all the time. According to research, a person should not miss exercise more than three days as it is not good for our body. Now there are different types of exercises people do. Some people do exercise to stay in shape but some fitness aims. Males like to have six-pack abs and bigger biceps, while females like six-pack abs and bigger hips.

When we talk about fitness, we always look towards models or stars of the entertainment industry because of their fitness. People get to inspire and start working on their physique and fitness. They join a gym, hire a trainer and start working out. Some people want to do exercise, but they do not know which exercises are best for a specific part of the body. 

In this article, we will list down some good exercises for a smaller waist, and bigger hips and how to do them as the wrong posture can lead to big injuries.

Exercises for Smaller Waist

1. Side Crunches

When we talk about a slim or small waist, crunches are always on top of the list as they help in losing fat on the waist. Crunches have further many types; here we are talking about side crunches. It gives you a proper burn feel in your stomach.

How to do side crunches

  • Lay down on a yoga mat by raising your knees and keeping your feet parallel on the floor.
  • Put your hands beneath the head,
  • Now you have to push your head towards your knees and your knees towards your head and reverse when you feel stretch,
  • Repeat it several times.

2. Leg Raises

Leg raises are one of the best-known exercises for a slim waist. It is also difficult, but more stress on any area helps you lose more fat from the body and maintain its shape.

How to do leg raises 

Lay down straight on a yoga mat, and now you have to lift both of your legs to a 90-degree angle.

For some people, raising both legs at once is difficult, so you can also raise one by one. But raising both legs simultaneously will offer a fast result.

Keep your legs in position for 1-2 seconds, repeat it several times.

3. Ankle Tap

Ankle tap is also a good exercise for losing stomach or waist fat. It seems easy, but it is a must doing exercise in your daily routine exercise.

How to do ankle tap 

  • Lay down on a yoga mat by raising your knees and keeping your feet parallel on the floor. 
  • Keep the chin tucked to your chest. Now you have to touch both your ankles one by one.
  • Repeat it several times.

These were some well-known exercises for a slim waist. Now let’s list down some exercises for bigger hips.

Exercises for Bigger Hips

There are more home exercises for bigger hips than the slim waist. Below we will explain a few of them one by one.

1. Bridges

Bridges are one of the simplest and effective exercises for bigger hips. It also helps you to strengthen your back.


  • Lay down on yoga matt by raising knees and keeping your feet parallel on the floor
  • Try to keep your arms straight on the floor. Squeeze your butt.
  • Now move your lower body upward by keeping your back straight, facing towards the floor. When your hips are in the air, stay in position for at least 1 second. 
  • Repeat it several times.

2. Frog Raise

Frog raise is comparatively difficult than bridges but is effective for round hips. You just need to follow simple steps to do this exercise.


  • Lay down on yoga matt by bringing your feet together and knees apart
  • Raise your butt just like we discussed in Bridges. 
  • Stay in the position for at least 1 second. Now come back and touch your inner thighs gently.
  • Repeat this procedure several times.

3. Booty Circles

Booty circles are known for giving the proper shape to hips. This gives a proper burn to your hips, which results in effective results for round hips.


  • Lay down on a yoga mat on one side.
  • Tilt your legs a little bit, now lift your upper leg slightly outward and start drawing small circles.
  • Change your direction half, like half circles clockwise and half anti-clockwise,
  • Repeat it several times 
  • Do this with both legs.

Now we have discussed workouts for a smaller waist and bigger hips. Let us discuss a few generic exercises and can be used at the start and end of the exercise session.

4. Push-Ups

Push-ups are the best full-body exercise for your daily routine. They help you in losing fat but also maintaining a full body shape.


  • Put your hands and feet parallel to the floor and your face towards the floor. Your belly should be in the air.
  • Push yourself downwards while maintaining the difference from the floor using your hands and shoulders. Now push yourself upward using hand and shoulder.

This exercise will stretch your waist and help you lose belly fat as well.

5. Planks

Planks are worldly known as one of the most difficult exercises. They are mostly done at the end of the session as this exercise involves the whole body. You need good practice to do a proper plank. Follow the steps explained below:


Put your arms on the floor parallel to your feet and face towards the floor. Your belly should be in the air. Now keep yourself balance in this position for as much time as you can (at least 1 minute).


These were some exercises that help you achieve your goal of a smaller waist and bigger hips. Do not give up by thinking after two days that it is not giving any results. Wait for at least a month, and you feel the difference yourself. More patience will give more shape.