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Medical Reasons Why You Are Feeling Exhausted All The Time

Medical Reasons Why You Are Feeling Exhausted All The Time

You may not consider your daytime tiredness to be a huge problem. A lot of the time, it is not. But if your fatigue is continuing and growing in the system of your daily life, it may be a chance to see your doctor. 

Many factors can be contributing to your tiredness. It is conceivable you do not take enough rest because of an underlying health issue, like sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

At any time in your life, you must have questioned yourself why you appear overtired all the time? Many factors can be contributing to tiredness. The whole time being exhausted can be an indication of some serious illnesses. We take this too lightly because we think it’s natural. Feeling exhausted and sleepy throughout the whole day can be a sign of various deficiencies. 

Therefore, we need to address this matter. Some diseases that can be cancer can also lead to severe tiredness. There could be a reason for you being ill for some time, and maybe since then, you are feeling overtired. 

Sometimes, you feel better after taking enough sleep and rest, and sometimes even after taking enough rest and sleep, you still feel exhausted; that condition is known as fatigue. Below I’ll list down the possible medical reasons for feeling exhausted all the time. 

1. Anemia


Anemia is a condition when you lack enough red blood cells to convey sufficient oxygen to your body’s tissues. This condition can make you feel weak and tired. Anemia can be of many types with a range of mild to moderate. Among the most apparent causes of tiredness can be anemia. Anemia can cause dizziness and drowsiness. 

Most pregnant women face anemia. A sufficient amount can cure it of iron intake. Learn more about anemia.  

2. Lack of Enough Sleep

Lack of Enough Sleep

On an average scale, adults need 8-9 hours of sleep each night. But most of us use our sleep time to watch movies and do some extra work and put ourselves at risk of sleep deprivation.

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3. Depression and Stress

Depression and Stress

Depression and overthinking can cause significant stress and can be harmful to your health. So if you cannot get out of it, then consult a doctor and talk about your mental stress with him and take immediate action because it can cause permanent stress. Under-lying pressure can be a cause of headaches, body aches, and stomach aches. So, stress leads to tiredness as well. To overcome this, we need to take deep breaths and meditate. 

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4. Unhealthy or Unbalanced Diet

Unhealthy or Unbalanced Diet

Your unhealthy or unbalanced diet can be another reason for you feeling exhausted and lazy all the time. Our body cells are continually being replaced, so our diet can make a difference for us feeling tired or fresh.

5. Dehydration


Our body composition includes up to 60% water. Drinking insufficient water in a day can cause dehydration and make you feel exhausted and tired. So it is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

6. Diabetes


Feeling exhausted and stressed every time can also be a symptom of diabetes because, in diabetes, your body cannot make enough insulin causing high blood sugar and leave you to feel tired and exhausted.  

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7. Some Other Reasons

Heart Disease

There could be other possible medical reasons for you feeling exhausted and lazy all the time, like Thyroid Disease, Heart Disease, Sedentary Lifestyle, Growing Body, too much Exercise, and Heat or Sickness.

8. Being overweight

Being overweight

Being overweight can also cause tiredness. The more weight you carry, the harder your body must complete everyday tasks like climbing stairs or cleaning. Read about fat burning tea for weight loss.

9. Vitamin Deficiencies 

Vitamin Deficiencies

The most common reason for tiredness can be a sign of vitamin deficiencies. Some of these vitamins may be vitamin D, B-12, and iron.

10. Fibromyalgia 


Fibromyalgia can create extensive distress throughout the body. It can cause pain, extreme tiredness, and exhaustion. It is necessary to take pain-killers to relieve the pain. It can be a cause of being tired.

11. Under Active Thyroid 

Under Active Thyroid

It means that you have an inactive thyroid that can lead to a slow release of thyroid hormone. It makes you tired throughout the day. It will lead you to gain excessive weight, and it will cause body pain. To avoid underactive thyroid, you need to visit the doctor and take medications regularly. 

12. Anxiety 


It is necessary to look into the root cause of anxiety and overcome it timely. Learn more about anxiety


Lastly, it is necessary to understand the reason for tiredness because it can be a symptom of an underlying disease. No one should neglect it. Yes, everyone can feel tired because of the workload. It doesn’t mean that everyone would feel exhausted because of any disease. So, it is better to look into each aspect and observe the changes in your body. Lagging any symptom can lead to a bigger problem. 

Suggested Solution

If you’re feeling exhausted and chronically fatigued, go and check with your doctor. Sleep enough and have a balanced diet. You’ll soon get out of it. Cheers!