5 Reasons Why Finding a Good Man Is So Hard for Single Women

5 Reasons Why Finding a Good Man Is So Hard for Single Women

Do you want to know why finding a good man is so hard for single women?

According to a survey, 75% of single women can’t find a good man who wants to commit.

Truth be told:

Finding a good man is the wish of every woman who wants to date someone, get into a relationship, or even get married. 

But it’s not as easy as it seems. 

You got to admit that finding a good man is often the hardest task for every woman. 

Why’s that so? Why are good men so hard to find? 

But, it doesn’t have to be this way:

Today, you’ll find out the five reasons why finding a good man is so hard for single women. 

And, all you have to do is read this post from beginning till the end.

Let’s get started.

5 reasons why finding a good man is so hard for single women

1. The hookup culture is responsible

Let’s face it:

Internet and technology have changed a lot of things and also impacted the way people interact with each other. 

The hookup culture and dating apps have completely changed the concept of dating.

Let’s be honest:

First, men and women used to date each other for a long time.

They used to go for lunch, dinners, and movies. 

When they spent a lot of time together, they had a good understanding of each other. 

They completely knew the character and personality of each other. 

That way, they knew if they are compatible with each other or not. 

It helped them form a stable and long-term relationship based on the fundamentals of mutual understanding, love, and respect.

But nowadays… 

People use shortcuts like hookup culture & dating apps. 

They just want to skip that very important process of interacting and getting to know each other. 

All they want to do is to chat for a bit and then start having sex with each other. 

This way, when they get into a relationship, it’s just a hollow relationship with no mutual respect, love, or understanding. 

Such relationships are weak, short-term, and don’t last for much longer.

So that’s one of the major reasons why finding a good man is so hard for a single woman. 

Let’s now move to the next reason…

2. There are just so many options

Nowadays, people have started to judge each other from their appearance and not by their personality and character.

Believe it or not, this happens a lot…

Especially, the internet and dating apps have provided people with so many options. 

Men sit on a random dating app and start interacting with different women. 

If they don’t like someone, they just skip and move on to the next option because they know that there are so many of them. 

For them, it’s like a book where they can keep going onto the next page unless they find their favorite choice.

Why does it matter?

Well, due to this reason, men and women are unable to naturally connect and communicate with each other. 

They can’t understand the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of each other. 

Eventually, they feel like they just can’t go along together.

It even gets worse on reason #3.

3. Some men are waiting for the perfect women

Sound silly? It’s not…

Social media has influenced and penetrated our thinking process very deeply. 

These days, people only judge each other from their appearance and social media presence. 

They just believe what they see. 

For many men, choosing a woman for their life is also like scrolling through social media posts. 

If they don’t like a woman due to her appearance, they just leave her and think that the next woman they are going to meet will be perfect. 

They think that the next woman will be more hot and beautiful than the previous women they have met.  

For example, some men judge women by looking at their social media accounts. 

In fact, they get easily impressed by those cool Instagram photos with glittery filters. 

But, what they fail to see is what that women offer them as a life partner. 

They don’t see her character, and they don’t see her personality. 

They just see her appearance and make their opinion based on it. 

And you know what?

If they don’t like that particular woman from her appearance, they start looking for social media accounts of other women who got more beautiful and adventurous photos on their profiles.

It all boils down to reason #4…

4. The “man child” factor

There are many men out there who don’t want to grow up, take responsibilities, and face the challenges of life. 

They want to stay as a child forever and take no responsibility and commitment ever. 

Their thoughts, actions, and habits will always be childish. 

You will not see anything mature among them. 

Does this sound familiar?

In fact, the “man child” factor is affecting and influencing more and more men of this modern age. 

It’s another common reason why it is hard for a single woman to find a good man. 

Wait, don’t stop reading now… Reason #5 may be the honest reason why you’re still single.

5. Your expectations are too much

Let’s be real:

One of the undercover reasons why you are finding it so hard to find a good man could be that your expectations are too much. 

Women often get inspired by movies, social media and start dreaming about a perfect man for their life. 

They even start fantasizing that their men will be: 

  • Muscular
  • Tall
  • Handsome
  • Rich
  • He will live in a luxury mansion 
  • Have expensive cars

If you are also dreaming about a perfect man who will have everything you want, then please stop because he doesn’t exist. 

Spoiler alert: There is no one perfect in this world, and you’ll never get everything you expect from any man in this world. 

Everyone will have some sort of differences and drawbacks that you will have to compromise on.

Your man may not be as rich as you want, he may not be as successful as you want, he may not have all those luxuries you want, but he may give you the love, respect, and value that no one else could ever give you. 

We recommend you judge a man from his character, personality, and the love, value, and respect he gives to you. 

This way you’ll see a significant difference in your life and relationships.

Always Remember This…

There are still many good men out there… 

Don’t let a bump in the road discourage you from getting the man of your dreams. 

God will send you the right person at the right time.