5 Foods to cleanse your body from heavy metals

Foods that can help cleanse your body from heavy metals5 Foods to cleanse your body from heavy metals

Are you diligent about your health? Right? But, still, dangerous toxins stay in your body and contaminate it. You need to detox your body to maintain your wellbeing. 

Foods, beverages, and other everyday products contain preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics that harm the body. 

Besides these sources, pesticides and air pollutants hide in the packages, and we often ignore them. Now it’s time to be careful and make efforts to stay away from such harmful stuff. 

Alternatively, you can add some foods to your diet to cleanse your body from heavy metals. 

We at Mayor Boss checked out some of the foods that help flush heavy metals out of your system, and we want to share them with you.

Before we delve into the list of foods, let’s investigate heavy metal poisoning. 

Heavy metal poisoning 

The accumulation of different heavy metals in the body is known as heavy metal poisoning. Various industrial and environmental factors lead to overexposure to heavy metals. 

Iron, zinc, and copper are good in a limited amount, but their overexposure is quite fetal—the side effects of their long-term exposure range from a mild headache to severe organ damage. 

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Some of the common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are as follows: 

Mild heavy metal poisoning may include: 

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Fatigue 

Chronic heavy metal poisoning may include: 

  • Brain fog 
  • Visual abnormalities 
  • Insomnia 
  • Chronic infections 
  • Tingling sensations 
  • Paralysis (in some cases) 

Foods that help to detoxify the body from heavy metals 

It’s impossible to avoid different harmful things; still, you can do a lot for yourself. 

You can ensure the intake of these foods to get rid of heavy metals and detoxify your body. 

1. Wild blueberries 

Blueberries are so powerful that they can even extract the heavy metals out of your brain. 

They also function to repair the damaged body organs and different body parts that get affected due to the elimination of toxins and heavy metals. 

This food is especially important for reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s

2. Cilantro 

The herb cilantro, popularly called coriander, is the natural chelating agent that can help cleanse your body from heavy metals.

Eating a small amount of fresh cilantro daily for a few weeks or adding it over the pasta or pesto sauce results in the cilantro chelation

However, if you have a certain medical condition, seek the recommendations of your doctor. 

3. Water 

Water may help cleanse your body from heavy metals.

Naturally, water cleanses the body so, seek your doctor’s advice on how much water consumption is good for you and how it maintains the electrolyte balance in your body. 

Too much consumption of water is contraindicated as it can be fatal. So it would be best if you drank a healthy level of water for the whole day. 

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can squeeze lemon juice and add a few slices of cucumber to it. Alternatively, antioxidant-rich green tea also contains a large amount of water. 

4. Fatty fish and seafood 

Fatty fish and seafood are high in omega 3 fatty acids, which exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. These foods inhibit the inflammatory pathways triggered by heavy metals.

Therefore, eat the optimum level of healthy fats and cleanse your body from wastes. 

5. Garlic

Garlic is a powerful food rich in sulfur that is a good chelator. In other words, garlic has long been known for detoxifying the body.

In fact, a study proved that garlic could be recommended to cure mild-to-moderate lead poisoning.

Besides supporting your heart and improving cholesterol levels, consuming one to two cloves of raw garlic per day will naturally cleanse your body from heavy metals.

Final thoughts 

Detoxification is the most important thing for your body. It has a lot to do to take your health to the right place.

For the heavy metals detox, dedication and continuous work are necessary. The best thing is that the cleaning process becomes easy with a healthier lifestyle. 

Depending upon your body type and contamination, it may take several months to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the body.

The liver, kidney, intestine, spleen, and lymph are major excretory organs for heavy metals and other waste products. When you begin the cleansing process, your body will feel much relaxed and purified.  

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