How to Gain Weight Really Fast

How To Gain Weight Really Fast

This article is about how to eat well when it comes to gaining a healthy weight. I think eating is the most important and feels that ‘eating’ is what many people struggle with the most. It is because this phase is so hard, and it’s odd to say, like how is it difficult to eat? But it’s so hard to eat when you’re trying to gain healthy weight. You have to be consistent with it, and you have to be on top of it. So below are some of the recommended techniques for healthy weight gain.

Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

How skinny people gain weight fast? To gain weight healthily, you require to eat every two to three hours, sometimes every three to four hours, depending on the day. Depending on how early you wake up but from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep; you need to try to eat every two-three hours. 

It doesn’t have to be a large feast with like a thousand calories. So when it is your first time learning how to gain weight healthily, you might be thinking that you have to eat a big breakfast, a big lunch, and a big dinner like a thousand calories each. And let me notice that it is not the fact, so if you are thinking of eating loads of meals to gain weight, you might be wrong.

Okay, I got 3,000 calories of the day, and I’m good; no, it’s not how you’re going to gain weight. Humans can only ingest a significant amount of proteins at one sitting. So, for example, at lunchtime, say you eat 50 grams of protein. Your body will only digest as much protein as it demands, and the rest you are just going to leave it out. You could be overeating and eating too much and making yourself way too full, and you don’t even need to be eating all those calories and extra protein and stuff. 

As I said, your body can only absorb a lot of proteins in one sitting. So what is recommended is that you eat six smaller meals throughout the day, or just smaller meals throughout the day every two to three hours. And how can you do this? You can set up alarms on your phone that go off whenever it’s time for you to eat something. 

It will help you grow your stomach and muscles, so think of your stomach as big as your fist; for example, say your stomach is big as your fist. You know you struggle to eat, you cannot get hungry for the life of you, your stomach will blow up, and that’s for example, how much food can you fill? 

Okay, if you slowly start to train your stomach and slowly add a little more food and eat throughout the day, it will help you a lot. Make sure you’re constantly eating throughout the day; the nourished stomach will start to grow because your stomach is a muscle. Read about foods to gain weight fast over here

Healthy Weight Gain: It’s All About Training Your Stomach

It'S All About Training Your Stomach

It is not an overnight process if you are someone who likes to eat rarely. Nobody recommends that you go and eat 3,000 plus calories. You don’t want to do that; you want to ease into it slowly. Say you eat three meals a day tomorrow, increase and add 500 more calories to your diet, or slowly add.

Like a little bit more food with every meal, you eat until your body gets used to that and your stomach starts to grow slowly. And it starts to get used to that eating all those calories, and that’s how you will start to get hungry more. 

You’ll start to get an appetite more because, like many skinny girls don’t get an appetite all the time. Because their stomachs are so small or have digestion or stomach aches, it’s hard for them to eat big meals.

Yeah, everybody knows that it’s so hard to maintain an eating routine. Just the thought of eating a big plate of food is just intimidating for skinny people sometimes and upsets their stomach. And, like the idea of eating big plates of food three times a day to gain weight does not sound that pleasant. It’s not going to work like that; you have to be like breaking up your meals throughout the day.

To Gain Weight Fast, Eat Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Thrice

To Gain Weight Fast, Eat Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Thrice

And eat it throughout the day, so, for example, wake up, eat breakfast, and then have another like mid breakfast in another two hours. Then, have lunch and then another two hours have like a midday snack or lunch for another lunch. You have dinner and then maybe like another snack or dessert snack, whatever like break up your meals throughout the day.

So, your body will get used to you eating, and as already said, your body could only absorb very much protein in one sitting. For example, you eat lunch at 12, and you’re eating a lot of chicken and rice and whatever, and you’re so full from that meal.

You will end up, and you don’t eat until like 7 or 8 p.m. that’s a whole 8-hour gap where you didn’t eat because you were full from that lunch meal. Okay, your muscles will absorb as much protein as it needs from your lunch to repair your muscles. But, during those eight hours where you didn’t eat cause you were full. 

Your body’s metabolism will begin to eat its muscles because it needs other protein to build and recover and heal. If that makes sense, so that’s why it’s very important to make sure you’re breaking up your meals throughout the day, so you’re constantly fueling your muscles and feeding your body. That way doesn’t have to start eating your other muscles, so small changes now will lead to big results later.

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