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Why You Should Get a Massage Every Month This Year


Don’t be shy about going to massage therapy. It’s the best solution to relaxation from head to toe. Massage is considered highly beneficial for health, a way to maintain the beauty and well-being of your skin. But not everyone knows why it is commonly needed.

We at Mayor Boss like to share with you some of the benefits you can get from a massage every month. Let’s get started!

Here are the benefits of massage at least once each month

Improve your blood flow

A simple massage can improve blood supply to your joints and surrounding tissues. As a result of this, your ligaments will become elastic and support the better movement of your hip, shoulder, elbow, and joints, in turn, make you stronger.

It eases your muscle pain

Massage increases and improves your circulation, thereby reduce your soreness, swelling of muscles, and stiffness. To tell the truth, an excellent relaxing massage will help ease your muscle sensations in the neck, shoulder, inflammation of muscle tissue, as well as pain in the back. If you have problems with joints, then massage may be your solution because it can reduce your pain.

Help reduce your stress levels

This is one of the best advantages of massage. It helps to reduce stress because it lessens the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. When the hormone is emitted in large amounts, your body will be subjected to high-stress levels. Therefore, increasing serotonin (hormone of good mood), and endorphins (hormone of happiness). There is nothing more satisfying than having a relaxing massage to stop stress and tension.

Help fight depression and anxiety

Massage may help relieves both physical and emotional stress, which in turn, fixes depression and anxiety. It is proved that a gentle massage can encourage a depressed person to becomes emotional stability with mood increases due to a reduction of stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine). Therefore, by relaxing the muscles and promoting a good mood.

Strengthens your immune system

Getting a gentle massage not only helps you relax, but may also help your immune system. A lot of studies have shown that massage can boosts white blood cell count, which plays a massive role in protecting your body from disease.

Massage is good for the skin

Massage has a positive effect on the skin’s appearance, making it smooth, elasticity, firmness, and flexibility. After a massage, your skin usually turns pink, elastic due to improvement in blood supply, which makes it healthy and refreshed.

Massage will improve your sleep quality

As mentioned earlier, massage stimulates the production of serotonin. And serotonin, at the same time, is required for the production of melatonin, which helps to control your body, so that you can function normally during the day and sleep well at night. There, a simple massage can help you enjoy a night of uninterrupted quality sleep.

Massage is good for weight loss

Are you surprised? Massage is also necessary for weight loss, similar to proper nutrition and exercise. It improves your lymph circulation, hence promotes the burning of your fat by eliminating it from tissues.

Massage help relieves headaches and migraines

Getting a gentle massage for your headache, or either your migraines is one of the most useful natural treatments. Massage therapy has shown to be a very efficient means for reducing both headaches and chronic migraines. Therefore, If you are always experiencing headaches, a regular massage can help you.

How do you give a real massage?

With the bottom of your hand, press your palms into person back and apply pressure gently, squeeze and run your hands on the back. Start with a back massage, then moves to the neck, followed by the limbs, and, finally, massages the head and face.

Lastly, a regular relaxing massage can prevent severe consequences and improve overall health and well-being. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to relax your body and mind.