10 Signs You Are With a Good Man

10 Signs You Are With a Good Man

Does he make you feel special and important?

Does he always put your needs before his own?

If so, then congratulations, you have found a good man!

While there is no perfect equation for a happy relationship, these 10 signs can help you know that you are with someone who will make you feel loved and cared for.

So take a look below and see if your man ticks all the boxes!

10 Signs You Are With a Good Man

1. He makes you feel secure

The first sign that your man is a keeper is that he makes you feel secure.  

Someone who truly loves you will go out of his way to ensure your safety, happiness, and well-being.  

In his presence or absence, you feel secure in the relationship.  

2. He makes you feel beautiful

He sees your inner beauty, and he compliments you on it consistently until you believe it!

If he praises your intelligence, your sense of humor, the way he feels when he’s with you, or simply tells you that you are beautiful – hold onto him!

3. He supports your dreams

Does he encourage you to follow your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be?

A good man will celebrate your success and help you achieve things that you never thought possible.  

As long as it is within reason, he tries his best to make sure that your needs are met.

In short, a good man will never stand in between you and your aspirations.

He lets you know you are good enough to reach your goals.

4. He values your input in his life

A man with a good heart will always appreciate whatever you do for him.

He will consider your opinions on different situations.

Also, he is willing to listen to you and respond with respect and care.

He will not shut you down or tell you that “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

5. His life’s choices inspire you to be better

A good man will not tell you how to behave or force you to make better choices because his life is enough to inspire you to do better.

He is a stand-up guy and a sincere person.

At the same time, he always tries to make the best choices possible for his career, relationships, and life.

6. He is always improving himself

A good man knows he is human and has flaws, so he is continuously trying to improve himself.

He is willing to understand where he needs improvements to be a better person and a better partner to you.

7. He prefers open communication to silent treatment

A good man loves to fix the relationship’s underlying problem with open, honest communication instead of manipulating you with silent treatments.

He wants to talk about the issue so you can both come to a compromise and fix the problems in the relationship.

8. He does the littlest things to make your life easier

Another sign that you are with a good man is the little things he does to make your life easier.

From making sure your home always has basic necessities in the kitchen and in the bathroom to planning surprise weekend getaways, he is always thinking about what he can do to make your life better.

He pays full attention to the little things you worry about, so he can help you fix them.

9. A good man will never be physically and emotionally abusive to you or anybody else

Although men can make mistakes and sometimes get too emotional or angry, a good man will never physically and emotionally abuse you.

He does not believe in physical abuse.

Nor does he believe in threatening his partner with violence or inflicting any harm on them, even if he is angry or upset with them.

Instead, he deals with problems in a mature and civilized way.  

He will try to resolve the problem without shouting or getting physical.

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10. He respects your parents

A good man has manners, and he is well cultured.

He respects your parents and makes sure to always be polite.

He shows genuine care and concern when your parents are around, not just because he wants to make a good impression.

Also, he does not judge them and instead treats them like the respectable older people they are.

The takeaway

If you see your man demonstrating these qualities, hold onto him!

You are lucky to have found a good man.

Don’t ever take him for granted.

Although there is always room for improvement, he will do his best to become the man you deserve.

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10 Signs You Are With a Good Man