7 Most desirable characteristics of a good wife

characteristics of a good wife

What are the characteristics of a Good Wife?

It’s a question that drives you nuts, and you just can’t figure it out.

Well, let’s be honest:

Just as every wife wishes for a good husband, every husband also hopes for a good wife.

Being a good wife is very important because marriage is all about teamwork.


The simple truth is both individuals have to put in equal efforts to live an enjoyable and peaceful life.

Having said that:

To give you a helping hand in understanding exactly all the features and qualities of a good wife.

Today I’m going to show you the most desirable characteristics of a good wife.

Let’s get started.

1. A good wife expresses her love for her husband

Your husband takes care of all of your needs and does everything he can to make you feel safe, happy, and comfortable.

In return, he deserves love, support, and care from your end. 

Let me say this straight:

Loving your husband is not limited to a kiss only.

It means that you should respect his emotions and feelings.

Support him when he is down and do things that make him happy, like cooking his favorite dish, gifting him something he will surely like.

2. A good wife has a strong character

Here’s the truth:

Be it, men or women. A strong character is what sets someone apart from the rest of the people.

A wife with good character is trustworthy.

She understands everything, and you don’t have to see a frayed face whenever you engage with her. 

In simple words, a strong character is that one precious trait of a good wife that you cannot trade with anything else in the world.  

3. A good wife is always supportive

A good wife is always supportive.

She knows that life is a mixture of good and bad days.

But she supports her husband by every possible means whenever he is having a bad time. 

And you know what?

Supporting your husband is not about saying good things and giving flattering remarks all the time to impress him.

It means that you should appreciate him whenever he achieves a milestone, offering him constructive criticism when doing something wrong.

Also, boost his confidence to help him overcome fear and anxiety whenever he is about to start something new. 

4. A good wife respects her husband 

One of the most desirable characteristics of a good wife is she respects her husband.

The bible said each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (Ephesians 5:33).

Just like you, your husband is also a human who has some flaws and weaknesses.

A good wife will always respect her husband.

You may wonder why?

Because she knows that no one can be perfect, and everyone has some flaws within themselves. 

So besides all the flaws and differences, learn to respect your husband instead of insulting or humiliating your husband.

Because if you want your husband to respect you, you will have to treat him with respect as well.

5. A good wife is a good listener

If you want to make a place in the heart of your husband.

Try becoming a good listener for a while. 

When you start listening to your husband, it will allow him to express his thoughts emotions.

Besides, it gives him a feeling of importance, gratification and boosts his self-confidence. 

This will make you a dream girl in front of his eyes because you help him become a more confident person.

6. A good wife forgives and forgets

The most desirable characteristics of a good wife are forgiving and forgetting.

But here’s the interesting thing:

Always keep in mind that ups and downs are a part of marriage.

There are chances that both of you will make mistakes and disagree on certain things.

So instead of stressing and wasting all of the positive energy on past mistakes, a good wife forgives and forgets. 

Try to understand that whatever happened in the past is gone, and no one cares about it anymore.

Let bygones be bygones, work with your husband to take your relationship towards the endless limits of mutual love and respect.

7. A good wife is financially intelligent

Another most charming characteristic of a good wife is financial intelligence.

We have seen a lot of marriages falling apart due to financial problems.

Sometimes, the husband is at fault, and sometimes there is a fault at the wife’s end. 

Why is this so?

The responsibility for proper budgeting and money management lies on both husband and wife.

However, a good wife is financially intelligent and values the hard-earned money of her husband. 

Instead of wasting money on useless things, she knows when and where to spend the money.

Moreover, a good wife will always save some money for a rainy day.

Doing this will keep the financial problems at bay and prevent your marriage from any adverse effects.


Being a good wife does not mean being a submissive woman who says yes to everything said by her husband. 

It means that marriage is a mutual relationship. Both sides have to put in equal love and respect to keep the relationship evergreen and flourishing. 

Therefore, if a wife wants to receive unconditional love, respect, and care from her husband, she must do the same in return because “You reap what you sow.”

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