Basic Habits That Will Damage Your Liver

Basic Habits That Will Damage Your Liver

If you ask a non-medical person, what is the habits that can cause liver damage, their obvious answer is alcohol.

Meanwhile, numerous habits seem to us to be pretty safe, yet these practices can gradually damage the liver and harm our overall health.

Here are habits that are bad for your liver:

1. Too much paracetamol will damage your liver

Can long-term use of paracetamol cause liver problems?

Yes, paracetamol is a traditional antipyretic, one of the most common remedies for cold and flu symptoms, and is frequently used for toothache and headaches.

At the recommended doses, it is remarkably safe, but if you exceed the dosage always, your liver can be severely wrecked.

Rest assured to follow your doctor’s instructions or prescriptions.

And under no circumstances should you take double doses of paracetamol or paracetamol with any other medications that contain paracetamol at the same time.

2. Consuming a large amount of sugar

The so-called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or generally known as liver obesity is one of the most common causes of liver cirrhosis and cancer of the liver.

And the simplest way to get to become obese is to abuse sugar.

However, if you consume too much sugar daily, your risk of getting a liver disease is high.

Besides, many research pieces prove that sugar can be as damaging to the liver just as alcohol.

Try your best to limit sugary foods and drinks.

3. Overuse of multivitamins will damage your liver

Over and over again, several physicians have stated that just the vitamins and minerals we receive from our food are okay.

However, multivitamins, especially when self-administered, can harm your health, and in the worst-case scenario, it may result in hepatitis and liver failure.

For instance, a widely known cause of liver toxicity is high doses of vitamin A.

Speak to your doctor before you take any multivitamins to make sure they’re safe for you.

4. Lack of physical activity

Researchers have shown that excess fat that accumulates in the waist can affect your hormones.

In turn, it can alter the functioning of your whole body, including causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Therefore, you should lose your belly fat if you are overweight or obese.

5. Consuming a large number of processed foods

They are plentiful of trans fats, preservatives, and additives in french fries, burgers, and nuggets, as well as in baked foods and even popcorn.

Trans fats are not only hazardous for the liver, but they can quickly lead to the prospect of obesity, which in turn gradually damages your liver.

6. Smoking habits

Is cigarette harmful to the liver?

Nicotine causes the narrowing of blood vessels, which increases blood pressure.

The liver is one of the most blood-filled organs—the toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke will cause oxidative stress that allows free radicals to damage the liver cells.

You should give up smoking.

Alcohol abuse will damage your liver

You probably already know that alcohol is the most frequent cause of liver disease—liquor contains ethanol in excess amounts destroying healthy organ cells.

The liver will become inflamed and enlarges in size.

Final Word

Our liver is a unique organ that performs numerous vital functions.

It is a key filter that removes all adverse effects of harmful substances that penetrate our system.

Everything we drink and consume affects the liver.

Therefore, it is essential to eat foods that are good for the liver and contribute to better liver function.