8 Habits That Ruin Your Teeth and Gums

Teeth And Gums

Are you ruining your teeth and gums without you even knowing it? Sugar, chewing ice, soda, or clench your jaw can actually damage your teeth. There are some foods and beverages that pose the biggest threats to your teeth. You should want to avoid eating them regularly.

We at Mayor Boss know that a healthy smile is one of the essential things in a person, so we would like to tell you about some bad habits you need to stop if you want healthy teeth.

Here are habits that can ruin your teeth and gums

1. Persistent Tooth Grinding

Teeth grinding is also known as Bruxism. A lot of folks probably grind and clench their teeth every once in a while. However, regular teeth grinding can damage oral health. According to WebMD, persistent teeth grinding can lead to fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. Not just that, it can further affect your jaws, even alter the appearance of your face. As you can see, you have to stop teeth grinding.

2. Sugary drink

The number one enemy of your teeth and gums is sugar. It’s not surprising that sweet things can damage your teeth. How? The sugar will make the bacteria in your mouth to produce acids that decay your teeth. Protect your teeth from decay by limiting or quitting the habit of sugary beverages. Suggestion? You can use a straw so your teeth will be less exposed to the sugar in the drink.

3. Sugar candies or cake

Candy or over sweetly cakes contain lots of sugar that harmful to your teeth. Just like sugary beverages, they can decay your teeth. Besides, candies will stick to your teeth for hours, which will cause certain harmful oral bacteria to feast on the sugars on your teeth, which will later destroy your tooth enamel.

4. Chewing on ice cubes

How bad is chewing ice? Chewing ice cubes over a period of time can lead to enamel loss and tooth decay. Moreover, ice is very hard, and it can cause cracks and fractures in enamel, including damaging your tooth structure. Nevertheless, you should break that habit. Besides, you don’t want to bite hard things.

5. Daily drinking of soda

What most people don’t realize is carbonated drinks are full of sugar and are awful for teeth. Researches show that over intake of acidic carbonated beverages, especially soda, can be harmful to your teeth as similar to the use of methamphetamine and crack cocaine. As a matter of fact, you should apparently stop drinking soda altogether.

6. Opening things with your teeth

You probably don’t need us to tell you that using your teeth to open bottle caps, plastic bags, or remove clothing tags can be harmful to your teeth. Stop the bad habit. Your teeth should be used for eating, not opening stuff.

7. Brush your teeth too aggressively

If you are brushing too hard, it can damage your teeth and gums, also lead to tooth sensitivity. If you believe that brush aggressively can get your teeth clean and whiter, I hate to tell you this. You’re putting yourself at the chance for developing sensitive teeth. It’s better to brush gently, not hard, and take your time to clean your tooth thoroughly.

8. Use tobacco products

Tobacco chewing, cigars, or cigarettes is a bad habit that affects oral health. You have a higher chance of acquiring the periodontal disease, bad breath, or tooth decay because it lessens the blood flow to your gums. Besides, It can ruin the appearance of your healthy smile.

Lastly, you should practice good oral hygiene, eat a balanced diet, drinking more of water, brushing and flossing regularly.