8 Rubbing Alcohol Benefits and Uses

Health Benefits and Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

You have probably heard a lot about rubbing alcohol’s benefits. 

But are you familiar with its uses? 

No, you are probably not!

Spoiler alert: 

Rubbing alcohol has a lot of surprising benefits and uses that you are unaware of. 

In this article, we will show you rubbing alcohol benefits and uses that will help you a lot in your daily life.

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1. Rubbing alcohol is used as a deodorant

The most common problem we all face during summer is intense sweating which causes your whole body to stink. 

Especially your armpits! 

In other words: deodorant is a must. 

However, the problem is that we don’t have a deodorant with us all the time. 

You can use rubbing alcohol as a deodorant, and it will give the same results. 

How to use: Directly apply the rubbing alcohol on your armpits, and you will find yourself refreshed.

2. Rubbing alcohol removes smell from your shoes

Sometimes, our shoes start giving out a strong & faint smell that is just gross and disgusting. 

A lot of people often struggle with getting rid of that smell. 

It’s because of the bacteria in your shoes.

Spray rubbing alcohol into your shoes and put them in the sunlight to let them dry. 

It will kill all the bacteria residing inside your shoes and remove all the smell.

3. Rubbing alcohol can disinfect your mouse & keyboard

We are going through the covid-19 pandemic these days, and that’s why it is very important to keep everything neat, clean, and disinfected. 

The keyboard & mouse of your computer is something that you frequently touch throughout the day. 

Therefore, there may be a lot of germs and bacteria on them. 

So you must keep them clean.

Rubbing alcohol is very efficient in killing germs and bacteria. 

You can spray it over the keyboard and mouse or even clean them with a rubbing alcohol pad. 

You can also try this on your mobile phone & other devices.

4. Rubbing alcohol removes windshield frost

The biggest problem that drivers face during winters is the frost on their windscreen. 

Perhaps, it is something very dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. 

It’s because frost drastically reduces visibility while driving. 

So you must have an effective solution in place to get rid of it.

Rubbing alcohol will help you remove the frost on the windshield as well!

How to use: 

Mix two parts of rubbing alcohol with one part of water and create a solution. 

Now spray the solution you just prepared on your windscreen and see how it helps in eliminating the frost.

5. Rubbing alcohol kills fruit flies

Guess what happens whenever you are eating a fruit or something sweet? 

The fruit flies come out of nowhere and join the party. 

It just annoys you so much and ruins the whole experience.

Well, you will be glad to know that rubbing alcohol can also help you get rid of those fruit flies.

Spray the rubbing alcohol over those fruit flies, and it will instantly kill them on the spot. 

This trick will let you eat peacefully. 

Warning: do not spray rubbing alcohol on the fruits because it will spoil the fruit. 

6. Rubbing alcohol cleans jewelry

Jewelry is not something very cheap. 

When we purchase jewelry with our expensive money, we want it to keep shining forever. 

But unfortunately, the jewelry starts getting dull and ugly over time. 

It loses its natural shine and beauty.

If your jewelry has also lost its luster and has become dull, then rubbing alcohol can help you restore its beauty as well.

We recommend you soak your jewelry in rubbing alcohol for some time and then take it out to dry it. 

You will see a significant change in the appearance of your jewelry.

7. Rubbing alcohol removes ink & permanent marker stains

Sometimes you accidentally get ink or permanent marker stains over your brand new clothes. 

The worst thing that hits you later is when you try removing those stains, but nothing works. 

Those stains become permanent on your clothes and make you feel like you’ll never be able to remove them.

Rubbing alcohol will help you get rid of those stains and restore the beauty of your clothes.

Soak the stained part of your cloth in rubbing alcohol for several minutes. After that, wash the cloth in clean water to see the magic. 

8. Rubbing alcohol keeps the collars of your shirt clean

In summers, your neck starts sweating frequently, and it eventually makes the collars of your shirt dirty. 

This is a common problem faced by almost everyone.

Here’s an effective tip to solve this forever:

Keep a rubbing alcohol pad with yourself and keep wiping your neck with it. 

It will help you keep your shirt clean for longer.

That’s all for now!

These were some of the major benefits and uses of rubbing alcohol. 

Make sure to follow them and implement them in your life to see positive changes. 

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