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How to deal with your annoying relatives

annoying relatives

How to deal with annoying relatives that disrespect you? It isn’t easy to always get along with all of your family members. Every family has some members you will not like, and you never want to cross paths with them. None of us chooses our family, and when you get married, you get another family. So chances become even higher that you’ll have some relatives in your family you’ll want to avoid. We understand that you always want to avoid them. But there are some times when you have no choice but to spend some time with them.

In such a situation, you will find your annoying relatives around you asking questions that you don’t like or which make you uncomfortable.

For instance, that relative could be your annoying uncle who keeps asking about your whereabouts or that annoying cousin who keeps asking inappropriate personal questions from you. Today, Mayor Boss will give you some tips and advice to help you cope with annoying family members.

Here is how to deal with annoying relatives

1. Prepare your mind to face them.

When you come to know that some of your annoying relatives are coming, you won’t always have a choice to leave the house for a few hours as it could be necessary for you to stay home or you could be the only person at home who could help your mom in attending to those relatives. In such a situation, prepare your mind that you will have to face them.

Make your mind understand that they won’t be here for too long, and it is okay to face them and be with them for a few hours.

As you know your relatives well enough, you might predict the situation and what kind of questions they will ask, and how the situation could turn out to be. Keeping all of this in mind, prepare yourself for the next few hours. Keep answers ready to the questions you think they might ask.

2. Find an area to spend some alone time

In a packed house with a limited number of rooms and limited space, you will feel like that there is no place where you could be alone. Especially when you are angry with a cousin of yours and share a room with them, it would be a difficult situation.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to go somewhere where there is not anyone in that area, even if it means spending 15 minutes in the bathroom for your alone time. And even if you cannot find an empty bathroom, go walk around the block alone for a few minutes to clear your mind.

3. Avoid saying mean things to your annoying relatives

We know you might want to yell or scream at your annoying relatives to answer them back and shut them up but believe us, it’s of no use and might go against you.

Instead of asking yourself why they are so annoying, ask yourself why you are getting annoyed by them and try to avoid those situations and topics.

Don’t try to shut them up, as no matter how hard you try, that won’t you from getting annoyed by them. Just try to be calm and answer them with a smile.

4. Ignore your annoying relatives

Ignoring is another good thing you can do if your annoying relatives are not refraining from irritating you. If you have to be around them, try your best to ignore them when they say something to you. But make sure you don’t look very rude doing this.

Ignore them in a subtle way that they think that you did not hear them. You can do this by wearing headphones or hands-free as they’ll think that you did not hear them. And if your annoying relatives do something that you do not like, try walking away from that place.

5. Show them that you are reading, working, or doing some homework

This might be the best trick you can pull to stop your relatives from annoying you. If you are a student, show them that you have important homework to do and start writing or reading something. And if you a working person, pretend that your boss has given you an important assignment and you need to complete it as soon as possible so you cannot talk to them.

These are some situations in which even annoying relatives would not bother you as people generally do not disturb someone doing important tasks.

6. Stay around your favorite cousin/person

If there are a lot of relatives in a company, you need to be with the person you like the most. He/she could be your cousin’s best friend or someone else in the family with whom your bonding is very strong. Or there might be a relative in your family who also gets annoyed by the same person who is annoying you.

Being with such a person will make it easier to be in the company of that person who annoys you as both of you will laugh your anger off.

7. Try to change the topic

Sometimes it is a specific topic that annoys you. When someone initiates such a topic, try to change it by starting another topic. But you will have to do it subtly so that the person does not mind that you changed the topic he started.

Sometimes just waiting does the trick as the person who started the topic might move to another topic soon, which will save you a lot of effort to change the topic.

8. Try to be authentic, genuine, and diplomatic when answering their questions

Sometimes avoiding a topic or a relative does not work. In such a case, when someone asks an annoying question, calm yourself and try to be authentic and genuine when answering them.

Answer the questions genuinely will probably leave the person with no other questions to ask, and you might get rid of him/her sooner.

9. Ask annoying relative to stop

This tip might not always work, but it’s worth a try. When annoying relative keeps asking you personal or irrelevant questions, tell them that they are doing it wrong and you are getting annoyed by their questions, and they should stop. If they do stop, you are lucky. But if they don’t, try one of the above tips again.

10. Just let them talk

Keep one thing in mind that you are not answerable to any of your relatives. Let them speak and give their opinion that you should have this car or what you should do with your money or what you should do for a living.

You are not bound to do what they say. Therefore, you should not care as it does not matter what they think. You don’t have to convert that person so that he should talk only about what you want to talk about. Just let them talk about whatever they want and keep listening to them and answering them with a smile. They will eventually run out of topics and stop talking.

Tell us in the comment section which tips did you try and which one worked for you.