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How to Make Yourself Drink More Water


Water is essential in every person’s life. Water is an odorless, colorless liquid made of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen. Water is a necessary liquid that we can’t do without; we need it for survival. 

Some of the amazing benefits of drinking water include:

  • It keeps the eyes, nose, and mouth moist
  • It promotes proper kidney functions
  • It reduces the risk of kidney stone formation
  • It keeps the skin smooth and soft
  • It facilitates the delivery of oxygen to various organs and tissue in the form of blood. Blood is made up of over 90% of water
  • It maintains general body temperature and keeps it within the average healthy limit by sweating when the weather is hot in order to prevent overheating so the body can cool down
  • It facilitates an excellent digestive process in order to prevent gastrointestinal tract damage
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It flushes out toxins through urine, feces, sweating, and even tears
  • It lubricates joints through joint fluids
  • It lubricates the bronchi and bronchioles to minimize allergic complaints
  • It rehydrates the body after an intense workout.
  • It promotes weight loss

There are so many benefits to drinking a healthy amount of water per day. The body does not function properly in a dehydrated state. This is why it is very useful to drink water, and you can make it more flavorful if plain water is difficult for you to drink due to its lack of taste.

Here are ways to drink more water

Carry a bottle of water with you anywhere you go. 

You can buy cute, visually appealing refillable water bottles from the dollar tree or any store of your choice.

Drink a little bit of water before meals.

This will aid in digestion. It will prevent overeating, which will facilitate weight loss if one of your goals is weight loss. 

Add slices of lemon to ice-cold water to give the water that fresh lemon taste.

  • Lemon with cold water during the summertime helps cool down the body from the extreme heat.
  • Lemon is high in vitamin, which boosts the immune system and fights infections on your behalf.
  • Lemon boosts weight loss.
  • Lemon reduces the risk of heart diseases, hypertension, anemia, and cancer.

Add lemon to warm water and drink as a tea.

  • Warm water with lemon is very good for the flu season. It heats the chest and clear congested chest.
  • It fights the inflection causing your running nose and headache by boosting the immune system.
  • Taking warm lemon water in the morning wakes you up and energized you to start your day refreshed.

Add cucumber slices to water for a refreshing feeling in your mouth.

Cucumber is a vegetable rich in water and vitamins. Drinking cucumber-infused water promotes skin hydration and softness of the skin. Besides, Cucumber water lowers blood glucose and aid in weight loss.

Link water to your regular activities, for example :

  • When you open the fridge or cabinets for a snack, drink half a glass of water while picking out your snacks.
  • When studying or doing a project, have a glass or bottle of water nearby and take a slip as you work.
  • While making your cup of coffee in the morning, take a few sips of water.

Add water to that extra sugary drink you like.

  • Dilute your favorite juice with a bit of water, and over time, your desire to add a bit more water will grow.
  • This helps you enjoy your favorite sugary lemonade recipe while drinking a little bit more water. 
  • This tip will trick your taste buds into craving less sugar, thereby reducing your sugar intake in the long run.

Opt for sparkling or mineral water

When buying a drink instead of typical carbonated surgery, drink like a soda.

Ask for water first when eating out with friends and family before placing your food order.

  • This will help you drink more water while waiting for your order to be ready.

Adopt the habit of drinking teas (black, oolong, and green):

  • This helps you drink more water and get the health benefits that tea provides.
  • Green tea is a good waist slimmer. It increases metabolic rate and causes fast burning of fat.
  • Oolong tea prevents tooth decay and increases mental alertness.
  • Black tea improves gut health and lower LDL. (LDL is the bad cholesterol that raises the chance of heart failure).

Add slices of strawberries to your water for that slightly sweet taste.

  • Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants that decrease your risk of cancer and diabetes mellitus.

Add water to your alcohol intake schedule.

  • For every glass of your favorite alcoholic drink, drink half a glass of water.
  • Take a few sips of water after each shot.
  • Take a few sips of water after each half bottle of beer.

Lastly, regular intake of water will improve your overall health.