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How to forgive someone who won’t admit they are sorry

How to forgive someone who won’t admit they are sorry

How do you forgive someone who hasn’t apologized? Sometimes, saying sorry becomes more difficult for some people than climbing Mount Everest.

Meanwhile, it is hard for you to understand why that particular person is not sorry for an actual mistake they made. Well, there are two reasons that a person is not willing to say sorry. 

  • The first is that they are embarrassed and feel sorry for what they did from inside. But their narcissistic ego and pride won’t let them say sorry because it will destroy their illusion of ego, pride, and importance.
  • The second reason is that they don’t give a damn for what they did. So what is the way forward in both cases? 

Should you waste all of your energy in getting an apology from that arrogant person? Definitely not! Because it will only fuel up the feelings of resentment in yourself and adversely affect your personality. So it is better to forgive such a person and move on because there is plenty of other stuff to do in life. 

But when it comes to forgiving someone who is not sorry. The following quote always comes to my mind:

“I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who was not sorry for their wrongdoings.”

We know that it is hard to forgive someone who hurt you and is unwilling to acknowledge their mistake. In this post, Mayor Boss, I’ll talk you through some ways that will help you forgive that person and move ahead in your life:

Here is how to forgive someone who won’t admit they are sorry

1. Forgive someone make your present life peaceful

Try to understand that whatever happened in the past is a part of the past now. Holding on to it for a long time will fuel resentment in yourself and make your present life miserable as well. So promise yourself that you will not waste your precious positive energy stressing about getting an apology from an arrogant person. And taking things in a positive direction from here on. Live your moment and make your present peaceful to achieve your dreams and enjoy every bit of life.

2. Shift your focus from that person to yourself

Do not waste your valuable time and energy thinking about that arrogant person who has done wrong with you. Because it will turn you into a reactive person, and other people’s actions control your life. Instead, you need to take complete control of your thoughts and ideas and shift your focus towards yourself. 

Tell yourself that you will not waste your time and energy thinking about that person anymore. And that you will use this energy to become a better and more powerful version of yourself. 

3. You take control of your feelings when you forgive someone

Do not let the actions of someone else hijack your mood and feelings. Ask yourself why you should be feeling sad if a stupid person did something stupid to you, and now that stupid person is not willing to apologize. What will you gain from his apology? Nothing! It is just an illusion. Always think out of the box. Try to tell yourself that you and only you will decide how you will feel, and no one can control your feelings and dictate your life.

4. Be proactive 

Instead of being reactive, try to be proactive in your life. Don’t be sad or stress over things that are out of your control and circle of influence. 

For example, if someone who has done wrong to you is not sorry for what they did, it is out of your control. You have two options here;

  • The first is to be reactive and keep crying over something that is not under your control. And will remain the same even if you keep crying for a hundred more years.
  • The second is to be proactive and think that what can I do in this particular situation? How can I get out of it, and what’s the way forward for me? Above all, your mind will automatically tell you that you need to forgive them and move ahead to do things under your control. 

Final thoughts 

Always keep in mind that forgiving someone will make you a bigger person. Moreover, forgiving will reduce the feelings of hate, resentment, stress, anxiety. Therefore help you become a humble, compassionate, and positive person. 

Forgiving a person who won’t admit they are sorry will help you save yourself from getting stuck into the past forever. At the same time, focus on the present and get things in a positive direction.