How to Get Along with Difficult People

How to Get Along with Difficult People

Some people are difficult to get along with.

They make you feel bad about yourself, criticize everything you do, and never seem satisfied with anything you do for them.

However, there is a way to get along with these people while still maintaining your sanity!

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to deal with difficult people in a positive manner so that everyone can be happy again.

Let’s get started.

1. Never lose your temper

The worst way to deal with a difficult person is flaring out at them with so much anger and frustration.

NO! You should never do that!


Because arguing with a difficult person will further escalate the situation.

They will be triggered, become more aggressive, and won’t listen to you.

This way it will be impossible for you to get along with them.

Instead, you have to stay calm, composed, and patient.

Never lose your temper.

It will help keep the situation calm, and then things will start getting better.

You will be able to get along with each other.

2. Dig out the reason

Difficult people are not bad people per se.

They might have been through some really tough times, and this is how they cope with it.

As a result, they become too sensitive and easily offended by the little things that we do to them.

You need to be smart and dig out the reason that is causing them to be like this.

Once you find the reason, you can work toward solving it, and then both of you can get along with each other.

3. Give them love and respect

If you want to defeat hate with hate, then you are going to end up in an even bigger problem.

The same rule applies to a difficult person.

If you will disrespect and hate them, then they will do the same in return, and your problems will increase, and you’ll never be able to get along with each other.

You need to treat them with love and respect so that you can win a place in their heart.

Offer them compliments and be pleasant.

You will find a way through.

4. Know your triggers

Sometimes, we can act smart and make some decisions ourselves to deal with a difficult person.

The best way to do so is to find your triggers.

Sit down for a moment and find out what triggers you the most while engaging a difficult person.

Is it when they talk about politics? Is it when they talk about money?

OR is it when they take any particular action?

Write down all those triggers and create a proper list.

Now it’s time to plan how you can deal with those triggers.

For example, if you get triggered when the difficult person talks about politics, then your key weapon should be walking out of the conversation or anything else that works for you.

Whenever you feel like you are about to be triggered, just use the plan you made and get out of that situation easily.

But remember this: there is no point in trying to fight with your triggers.

It only shows that you are unable to understand yourself, and that is an even bigger problem.

5. Seek advice from others around

We all live in a community where one person is connected to the other person in one way or more.

If a person is difficult to you, the then strong chances are that they have been the same to all the other people around.

Therefore, you can also reach to other people who have been in touch with the difficult person.

They have the experience of dealing, and they can help you get out of the situation.

Tell them how that difficult person behaves with you and then get the golden advice from them.

It will help you make things easier and get along with them.

6. Tell them about your intentions

In some cases, the other person is being difficult to you because they think you are difficult to them.

You need to sit down with them at a coffee table and let them know about your intentions.

Take some time out together, like for lunch or dinner, and have a detailed chat.

Try to know each other as gentle human beings and solve your differences.

It will have a big impact on the situation and help both of you to get on board with each other.

7. Give them space

Sometimes, a difficult person is just not interested in dealing with you.

They may want to keep some distance, and getting closer may be irrelevant to them.

In such cases, give them the space they want and go on with your life.

Don’t try to bring things close as it will increase the gap.

It’s better to let go and try to move on.

8. Set boundaries

Boundaries are the focal point that helps us not to get into trouble.

When you set boundaries with that difficult person, then it will be easier for both of you to have a healthy relationship.

For example, if they try to hurt you by using insults, then tell them that you’ll walk away if they continue to insult you.

They might not listen to you initially, but they will stop when they know that if they cross the limit, there is a chance of you leaving.

In short, boundaries will help both of you to have a better understanding and not go into fights all the time.

9. Don’t force them to change

Sometimes we get so annoyed with a difficult person that we try to change them in every possible way, but this is wrong.

We need to accept the fact that we cannot change them.

They have their own way of acting, and they are not going to change just because you want them to do so.

So, don’t try to force them to do something they don’t want.

It will not lead anywhere and also end up creating enmity between you two.

Keep your expectations low and focus on yourself.

10. If everything fails – ignore them

If you are constantly putting in all the effort to get along with a difficult person, but they show no response or interest in return, then ignoring them is the right option.

Just interact with them for important tasks or other crucial things, and you can ignore them for the rest of the time.

After all, you tried your best, but they are not interested, so okay! 

Enjoy your life, buddy – there are a lot more important things to do in life.

11. Be kind and positive yourself

Be aware of the energy that you are sending out to the difficult person every time you communicate with each other.

It is easier to be positive and kind towards somebody who treats us well than somebody who behaves badly.

So, you should set a good example by being kind and positive yourself, even if the other person is not yet willing to do so.

In conclusion

It’s critical to remember when dealing with difficult people. You are the one who has to live with yourself.

Keep your ego aside and try to be kind & productive when dealing with difficult people in your life, instead of resorting to aggression or anger.

If they don’t respond through kindness, then walk away. If all else fails, ignore them.

Be kind and positive yourself, no matter how much they don’t deserve it.

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