How to make Bible Reading a Habit

How to make Bible Reading a Habit

Possessing the habit of reading the Bible is important for the mind, heart, and soul.

In fact, reading the Bible every day has several benefits. 

“The very practice of reading [the Bible] will have a purifying effect upon your mind and heart. Let nothing take the place of this daily exercise.”

-Billy Graham

Every morning we wake up at a certain time. 

Usually, the first thing we do is check our phones, scroll through Instagram, and Facebook timelines, and check the latest videos on YouTube. 

Before we know it, an hour or three has passed. 

Not all of us strive to have a specific lifestyle. 

But self-control or discipline is such an important part when it comes to accomplishing specific goals. 

As Christians, we want our lifestyle to revolve around God

So we aim to have Bible studies in the morning so that we can carry on with our days with the right wisdom, right connection, and right fuel to take on even the worst of days. 

Therefore it is time to get your hands back on the steering wheel and take back the control to steer your life into one that honors God above everything else. 

So speaking of the steering wheel…

How do we define ‘Habit’: 

“a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

To reach a long-term goal, it takes tiny goals to get there. 

It means setting a:

  • Monthly goal
  • A weekly goal 
  • A daily goal. 

Here’s the thing:

Trying to accomplish your goals is really tough, but it is an even tougher battle when it comes to spiritual goals. 

Why? Because we are not waging only against the physical but the supernatural (Ephesians 6:12).

So, where do we start to make reading the BIble a habit?

We start by checking our hearts:

The truth is whenever it comes to any goal we set. 

We need to know why we are planning to do this. 

If we desire anything but pleasing God, then we are on the wrong track. 

Studying scripture is about growing your understanding of God: 

It is not there to elevate you to become a certain ‘knower of all things”. 

We should not become puffed up. 

Let’s face it:

We are here to be humble, lowering ourselves while heightening God and lifting Him up. 

We need to glorify Him through everything we do. 

With that said: 

Let’s dive into the reason why you’re here: 

How to make Bible Reading a Habit

1. Have self-discipline 

The simple truth is you need to have self-discipline in order to make Bible reading a habit.

Why? Because self-discipline allows you to stay focused on your intentions to read the Bible. 

For instance, you:

  • Waking up at 5 am and making sure your time with God is prioritized without any distractions
  • Reading the Bible before you go to bed at night
  • Devote 15 minutes per day to reading Bible

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2. Planning your Bible study

Yes, planning your Bible study is important when turning a Bible study into a habit.

For example, you need to: 

  • know what book you will be reading
  • Have the right interpretation materials
  • Have a pen and a notebook

And most importantly, you need a pillow for your knees, so you can pray and ask God for guidance. 

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3. Application of the word of God

The word of God is powerful.

In John 6:63, Jesus said: 

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.

Here’s the deal:

When you are applying the scripture you read in your daily life, you will see: 

  • People saved
  • Mountains move

Keep in mind, regardless of what the masses say. 

Do what the word says.

So go out there and show the world who you belong to. 

Study the world with love and a mission on your heart and give all the glory to Jesus.

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