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How To Make Him Propose

How To Make Him Propose

You have been dating your boyfriend for quite some time now, and your relationship is fantastic. All you can think of now is settling with him in marriage as his wife, living with him, and having some beautiful babies with him. He tells you that he loves you, and you can feel it. He even shows it through his actions. 

Somehow you feel like your relationship is not moving to the next level. You want more in this, so you keep wondering when the big question will come, “Will you marry me, my love?” 

Each time you hear about wedding bells, your heart skips a beat, and you can’t help but have some bit of worry. But whenever your boyfriend hears the word marriage, he becomes nervous and wants to change the topic immediately. 

When you happen to see wedding rings in the shopping malls, your boyfriend quells your urge to try them on your fingers. If this is how you feel right now, worry no more as we are here to salvage your situation. 

Here are some ten brilliant things you should do to prompt your man to propose to you without delay. 

How To Make Him Propose
How To Make Him Propose

1. Be Closer to Your Married Friends

Maybe the reason he is not proposing is that he has a fear of commitment. However, when he sees that married friends and relatives do keep their commitments and marriage in line, his fears will begin to fade away, and he will want to commit to you. 

2. Become His Number 1

A man may take his time to propose because he needs to feel that you are his number 1. This does not mean that he does not love you. He wants to feel that you are indispensable in his life. He needs to be convinced that he cannot live his life without you, that you need to be in his future. Offer him all your support. Become his best friend. When you are with him, make sure all his worries disappear and make him happy.

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3. Don’t Let Him Get Comfortable

Being too available for your man will not translate to a wedding proposal. In a real sense, it will only extend your unmarried status. This is because your man may develop a routine of you being around in his house each and every day, and things may end up like this forever. Instead, plan some weekends out with your girls or visit your parents on some weekends. This way, you will make your man feel a bit insecure and will not tolerate the thought of losing you to someone else. He will want to speed things up with you so that he can have you for keeps. 

4. Invest in Yourself

Do not be tempted to lose yourself in your relationship. Sometimes women get it wrong by thinking that you have to be at the beck and call of their man 24/7. This is not true. It would be best if you had some time for yourself too. 

If you need to finish up college:

  • Go ahead and get your grades.
  • Look for a job.
  • While offering your man support, have your independence.
  • Have your own life goals and dreams and work towards achieving them. 

Know your hobbies, and do not neglect them. Hit the gym and make yourself feel nice. This will make your man realize that you value yourself and appeal to him even more. 

5. Mention About Relocating

If your boyfriend does not mention marriage or moving in, mention that you will be moving to another city real soon. Mention to your man that you are looking for a job elsewhere and that you fancy the weather in that city. This will stir some insecurity in him and make him want to settle with you straight away. 

6. Let Him Know Your Alternatives

Men may feel threatened when you talk about other men. Mention to him of a time you went to a restaurant, and the hotel manager was head over heels about you and that he was asking for your number. Your man may feel like choking when he hears this. Visit the same restaurant with your boyfriend and say hello to the same hotel manager that was flirting with you. Observe your boyfriend’s reaction.

Tell him you are receiving attention from other men. He will undoubtedly be jealous. He will soon be taking you to the wedding ring shop to ascertain that you are his and his alone. 

7. Shock Him With Significant Investment for Yourself

If your man is not proposing, show him that you can purchase things for yourself. Get yourself a car or mention to him that you are taking a house mortgage. This will give him the thoughts that you are independent and that you want your life to go on. He will want to ask you about your investments, and you’ll respond by letting him know that you want to move ahead in life. He will now want to be a part of this new life, and he shall pop the proposal. 

8. Make Sure He Is Ready

how to make him propose to you
how to make him propose to you

Some men may not be too sure whether they are ready for marriage. Have a subtle talk with your man. Ask about his life goals and dreams and let him know yours too. Discuss your finances and how many children you want to have in the future. Know if your man has some issues that need attention. This will fill you in on whether you are in his future as his wife. 

9. Let Him Know That You Value Marriage

Tell your man that you envision a good marriage with him as your husband. Give him all your reasons to want to get settled down with him. 

10. Give Him a Time Frame

Ask him how much time he needs to make up his mind. After all, you don’t want to spend time with a man who is not ready to have you in his future. 

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