How to Permanently Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How to Permanently Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Are you looking for how to get rid of bed bugs permanently? 

What could be grosser and scarier than having bed bugs in your house? 

It just ruins the peace of your life. Whether you are sleeping, eating, or taking a shower, you will have a constant fear in your mind that the bugs are still in your bed.

But truth be told:

It is just gross & disgusting to have bed bugs in your house. 

People often try different remedies to get rid of bed bugs, but they come back again after a while. 


It’s because they follow a wrong and poor procedure to eliminate the bed bugs. 

So how do you kill bed bugs permanently?

Well, the solution is simple…

In this article, our experts will show you super effective tips & tricks that will help you get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Let’s get to it!

1. Detect the bed bug infestation 

Detect the bed bug infestation
Detect the bed bug infestation

First of all, you have to detect and confirm whether if you are encountering bed bug infestation or not.

So here’s what you’re probably wondering:

“How do I detect bed bug infestation?”

Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered!

You can do it by detecting the following signs of bed bug infestation:

  • If you have itchy red bumps or blisters over your body.
  • If there is a weird faint smell all over your room.
  • If there are some unusual rusty spots on your bed sheet.

All these signs indicate that you have a bed bug infestation. 

So now, it’s time to gear up for the battle against bed bugs by following these guidelines to get rid of them forever.

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2. Wash & heat your fabrics

Heat is one of the most lethal weapons you can use to get rid of bed bugs forever. 

The interesting fact is that bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit.

So what do you do? 

Take all of your infested fabrics like bed sheets, towels, and clothes, etc., and then start washing them in hot water. 

Once you have washed them, put them in a dryer and dry them at the maximum possible temperature. 

The intense heat will eliminate the bed bugs easily.


If you don’t want to wash something like your shoes, then you can directly start drying it at the maximum in the dryer for at least 30 minutes.

3. Using steam treatment

You just learned above that heat is the biggest enemy of bed bugs, and it can kill them very easily. 

Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit. 

But here’s what makes steam treatment different:

The highest steam temperature is 100 degrees Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit. 

Therefore, steam treatment will effectively help you to kill bed bugs and get rid of them forever.

You can expose the infested surfaces like your mattress and sofa, etc., to steam regularly, and it will kill the bed bugs and wipe off their eggs effectively.

Warning: Don’t apply steam to electricity.

4. Use a Vacuum

Using a vacuum is another effective method to get rid of bed bugs.

Here’s how to do it yourself:

Take a brush and rub it on the surface of the mattress. 

It will make the bed bugs and their eggs get loose and leave the surface.


You can take a vacuum and use it to clear all the areas affected by bed bugs. 

Make sure to vacuum every possible place where bugs can hide, such as crevices, cracks, and corners of the bed, etc.

In the end, never forget to properly dispose of the vacuum bag to prevent the bed bugs from spreading to other parts of your house. 

Here’s the bottom line:

The vacuum method doesn’t guarantee the complete removal of bed bugs, but it will surely reduce the number of bed bugs and their eggs significantly. 

You can couple it up with other methods as well to get even better results.

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5. Fill every wall crack

The safest haven for bed bugs to hide in your house is the cracks in your walls. 

They are like a shelter home for the bed bugs where they can hide and flourish and grow. 

Why do I say this?

You may be shocked to know that bed bugs can double their number within just 16 days!

Therefore, you must track them wherever they are and take all the required measures to eliminate them from your house forever.

In this regard, the best thing you can do is to search all the cracks in your walls and fill them as soon as possible. 

Inspect every single room and every single wall to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Wherever you find a crack, you can fill it up with wallpaper or cement.

6. Avoid moisture

Damp, wet, and moist environments are like a picnic spot for the bed bugs, and they are mostly found there. 

Therefore, you must try to avoid it.

Okay, so now that you know, bed bugs are attracted to moisture

Here’s what you do:

Try cleaning up your house and get rid of those useless boxes, magazines, books, and clothes that you don’t need anymore!.

It’s because when all that stuff keeps lying untouched in one place, then it will lead to moistness and develop bed bugs. 

Final Thoughts

These were all the effective tips that you can follow to get rid of bed bugs forever!

The whole process of getting rid of bed bugs can disturb your daily life. 

But it’s just worth it because everything will become peaceful again once you get rid of them.

If the bed bug infestation at your house is getting out of control, you can also get support from pest control services. 

They will use different chemicals to kill the bed bugs and clear your house from them.

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