9 Hacks to keep bananas from spoiling too early – Try these tips!

keep bananas from spoiling too early

Banana is one of the most popular and delicious fruits of the world. It’s not only liked due to its sweet and refreshing taste but also the health benefits it provides. 

Studies have shown that bananas are a great source of vitamins and also good for your heart, skin, digestive system, and overall health.

However, the problem with bananas is that they can barely retain their freshness for 2-3 days and spoils quickly. 

Here at Mayor Boss, we found some smart and easy hacks that you can use to keep bananas from spoiling too early and would like to share them with you.

Hack #1: Plastic Wrap the Stem 

Bananas release ethylene gas from their stem, and ethylene speeds up the spoiling process of bananas.

When you plastic wrap the stem of bananas, it will slow down ethylene gas release and prevent it from reaching other parts of the banana and spoil it. 

You can either wrap the stems of a bunch of bananas altogether or individually wrap their stem. 

Hack #2: Hang the Banana

The second great hack is to hang the banana someplace. Sounds weird, right? But it actually works! 

Hanging the banana allows the oxygen to roam all around it freely and prevents ethylene from gathering around the banana.

Moreover, it also protects the banana from any bruises, thus keep it from spoiling too early.

Hack #3: Keep a Distance between Banana & Other Fruits

Never make the mistake of storing bananas with other fruits like apples, pear, avocado, and tomatoes, etc. It’s because other fruits also release ethylene gas. 

So storing bananas with other fruits will spoil them at an exponentially faster rate. That is why we advise you to separately store bananas and keep them away from other fruits.

Pro Tip: As you know that banana releases ethylene (which accelerates the ripening of fruits) so if you want to quickly ripen any fruit, you can store it with bananas for a while.

Hack #4: Freeze the Bananas

If you’re planning to store bananas for quite a long time, then we recommend you freeze them in a freezer instead of storing them in a refrigerator

Studies have shown that frozen bananas can live up to 30 days at least. It’s because the freezing temperature lowers the speed of the spoiling of bananas. 

You can even freeze an unpeeled banana but don’t be surprised to see the peel turned dark black when you take out the banana.

Moreover, you can also use a proper covering to avoid freeze burns. 

Hack #5: If the Banana is Peeled or Sliced, Coat it with Citrus

One of the major chemical reactions that lead to the spoiling of bananas is oxidation.

Coating the banana with citrus will extend their life because the acid present in citrus slower downs the oxidation reaction. 

For citrus coating, you can use oranges, lemons, or any other citrus fruit. This way, the bananas will stay fresh and preserved for a long time.   

Hack #6: Soak the Bananas with Vinegar

If you do not have citrus at the moment, do not worry! Vinegar will do the job for you.

It is the best alternative to citrus when it comes to preserving the banana and keeping them fresh for a long time. 

Vinegar also slower downs the spoiling of bananas and keeps them fresh for a while. 

You can bathe/rinse the banana slices with vinegar, and they will not spoil that easily. If you are worried that the taste of vinegar will affect the banana, don’t worry.

Just rinse it with water before consumption, and the taste of vinegar will go away.

Hack #7: Use Soda Water

Soda water is also famous for keeping the banana from spoiling too early. You can soak or dip your banana into soda water, and it will take a lot of time to turn brown. 

This way, you will be able to preserve it for later use.

Unlike tonic water, soda water does not even affect the taste of the banana, which makes it a perfect choice for keeping the banana from spoiling too early.

Hack #8: Bath the Banana in Fruit Juice

Fruit juice will do the same job as vinegar or soda water. You can put the banana in fruit juice, and it will take quite a while to turn brown. 

Hack #9: If the Banana is Peeled, Limit its Exposure to Air

A peeled banana will quickly turn brown if it is exposed to air/oxygen. So if your banana is peeled, make sure not to expose it to open-air or oxygen. 

You can use wax paper and lay it over the bananas. The wax paper will prevent the air and moisture from spoiling the bananas.