6 Kitchen cleaning hacks that will save you time

6 Kitchen cleaning hacks that will save you time

Are you looking for the best kitchen cleaning hacks that will save you time?

The kitchen is the most used part of our homes and a center for a lot of activities. 

Every day, we spend hours there cooking delicious foods and beverages.

At the same time, the kitchen gets dirty, stained, and become smelly. 

Due to this, it becomes extremely strenuous and stressful to clean up all the mess. 

Especially when you already have a busy schedule, cleaning the kitchen seems the most difficult job for a lot of people due to the time and energy it consumes. 

And you know what?

Your kitchen hygiene tells a lot about your entire house and personality. 

That being said:

In this article, we will show you some mind-blowing kitchen cleaning hacks that will save you a lot of time and make kitchen cleaning easier for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Kitchen cleaning hack #1: Clean microwave with steam

When we put a lot of foods to heat in the microwave oven, it becomes stained and smelly, and cleaning it becomes a lot harder. 

We got a super effective trick for you.

What you need to do is:

Take a mug full of water, pour some salt in it, and set the microwave timer for 3-4 minutes. 

When the water starts heating up, it will emit steam that will soften all the stains present in the microwave.

After that, you can take a towel or tissue paper and wipe off all the stains.

Kitchen cleaning hack #2: Use dish soap to keep the drain running

It’s really frustrating when you are cleaning up the dishes, and the water is just not going down the drain. 

The reason is that the grease present on dishes often accumulates in the drain and ends up blocking it. 

Here’s all you have to do:

Take some dish soap and pour it down the drain, following up with boiling water.

The dish soap will help break down grease.

So throwing it in the drain will remove the blockages by grease and pave the way for hot water to go down more easily. 

Kitchen cleaning hack #3- Clean the kitchen tiles

Do you remember how bright your kitchen tiles used to look when it was brand new?

But as time goes on, they eventually get stained and become dull, dark, and yellowish to excessive wear & tear. 

You can restore their shine with the help of baking soda & vinegar.

The first thing to do is:

Sprinkle some baking soda on the kitchen tiles, and then spray some vinegar over them. 

After that, take a toothbrush and scrub it over the tiles to remove the stains and dust.

Don’t wait for too long because the dust can settle again on the tiles. 

That’s how you can renew the look of your kitchen tiles again. 

Kitchen cleaning hack #4: Clean kitchen sponges

Do you know that the kitchen sponges have millions of germs over them that can easily transfer from one plate to another and one glass to another one? 

Thus, you must keep them clean and replace them regularly.

Check this out:

Put a glass of water in the microwave and place your kitchen sponge along with it. 

Now set the microwave timer for a few minutes high and wait.

This will remove all the dust, smell & oil particles stuck in the sponge and also kill the germs and bacteria.

Kitchen cleaning hack #5: Clean the stove burner

The dirtiest thing in your kitchen right now would probably be the stove burner.

All the oils, grease, and completely burnt metal due to excessive burning make it harder to clean them. 

But this hack will allow you to polish the stove burner and make it look brand new even without touching it. 

What you should do is:

Take a Ziploc bag, pour ¼ cups of ammonia in it and drop the stove burner inside.

Leave the bag alone for at least one night, and then wake up to see the magic. 

All the stains, greases, oils, smells, and rusts would’ve separated from the surface of the stove burner. 

Now, your job is to take a clean towel and wipe off the stove burner thoroughly, and you will see a shiny surface beneath. 

Kitchen cleaning hack #6: Clean the pans and pots

You probably already know that the pans and pots in your kitchen become stained and dark after a few days of use. 

The reason is that the food stains get permanently marked over it due to excessive heating, and it becomes more difficult to remove them. 

But with this hack, you can easily renew their shine and make them look new. 

This is what you should do:

Put some water in the pan or pot and pour in some vinegar.

Now start heating and boiling the vinegar-water solution.

All the stains will be softened and separated, and you can use a kitchen sponge to wipe off everything and clean it up.

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