6 Mind tricks to learn anything faster and remember

Attractive woman practices mind tricks to learn anything faster and remember

Learn anything faster and remember faster, whether you are going for a tough exam, learning a new skill or language, you will ace everywhere if you can learn things faster and remember them for a long time. 

In this article, we at mayor boss will show you some magical mind tricks that can change your life. With these mind tricks, you will be able to learn anything faster and keep them in your memory for a long time.

So read on to discover 6 mind tricks to learn things faster and remember:

1. Teach other people

The best way to learn things faster is to teach them to someone else. Studies have shown that when you teach things to someone else, your whole mindset changes completely. You tend to learn the main key points and organize the information in a presentable way. 

This helps you learn things fast because your mind is focused on learning the key points and storing them in a presentable manner. Such well-structured information stays in your mind for quite a long period. So whatever you are learning, start teaching it to other people. You can try with your friends or siblings, and if you have no one around, you can just pretend that you are teaching.

2. Try micro-learning sessions

The reason people fail to learn things faster is that they stress their minds too much by spending a long time learning without a break. Studies have shown that when you sit for a long time to learn something, your mind gradually gets bored of it, and you end up hating the entire thing as there’s just too much information stored in your brain.

Therefore, you must learn for a short time, take a quick break, and then resume learning again. This will prevent your mind from getting exhausted, and you will keep enjoying the whole learning process. 

We recommend learning sessions between 30-50 minutes and a short break of 10-15 minutes. By doing this, your mind will feel relaxed, and you will able to learn things quicker. See habits that keep your brain healthy.

3. Make handwritten notes

When you are learning something, you are likely to learn it faster if you write it on paper by hand. It will cement the content in your mind and help you remember it for a long time. Research done in 2014 shows that the people who take notes by hand remember things for a much longer time than the people who take notes on a laptop. 

4. Learn from mistakes

The key to perfection is facing failures again and again and learning from your mistakes. Every day we face different setbacks and failures in our life. Instead of regretting, if we start to see what went wrong, we will be able to learn faster and get better with time. 

5. Avoid multitasking

You will hear a lot of people telling you that your brain possesses some superpowers and it can perform multiple tasks at the same time. But that’s very rare and close to impossible. For example, 1 boat with 1 gallon of fuel will cover more distance than 2 boats running on the same one gallon of fuel.

 In the same way, your brain has limited energy. If you utilize it doing multiple tasks, you will end up exhausting yourself with very little progress. However, if you use the same energy and focus on a single task, you will be able to make quick progress. 

That’s why we advise you that whenever you are learning something, keep your focus towards learning only and avoid any side task. This way you will be able to learn things quickly and remember them for a long time.

6. Keep a check on your mental space

The key to learning and remembering anything is all about how well your mind picks it up and store it. If you stuff up your mind with loads of information at once, you won’t be able to store much of it. Instead, you can gradually feed a small fraction of information to your brain. This way, you will be able to learn more information and remember it for a long time. Sounds complex? 

Here’s an example that will make it easy for you. You can water the plants in your lawn 3 times for 30 minutes per week, or you can water them for 90 minutes on the same day. Which option is better? The first one, without a doubt! It’s because if you water the plants for straight 90 minutes at once, they will only absorb a small capacity of water that they actually need, and the rest of the water will go waste. 

However, watering them three times for 30 minutes per week will be better for them as they will absorb their maximum. The same goes for your brain. If you gradually feed it with a small fraction of information, it will absorb it much better than feeding tons of info at once. See useful tips to improve memory and focus.

Final thoughts

Learning things in a very short time and remembering them for a long time is an art that not everyone possesses. But if mastered, it can provide you a lot of benefits in different aspects of life.