22 Things Mentally Strong Parents Do for Their Children

22 Things Mentally Strong Parents Do for Their Children

Did you know that children of mentally strong parents are more likely to be successful in life?

The truth is that parents who are mentally strong raise mentally strong children.

So how can you become a mentally strong parent?

This post will discuss things mentally strong parents do for their children, so you can learn from them and become a better parents.

Let’s dive in

Here are 22 things mentally strong parents do for their children

1. They take care of themselves

One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to take care of themselves.

If you’re not feeling good, it will be hard to take care of your kids in the way they need.

Mentally strong parents make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly.


Because taking care of yourself is crucial for your own mental health but also for the physical and emotional well-being of your kids.

If you’re not healthy or stable emotionally, it will be hard to love them in a way that builds up their confidence rather than tearing it down.

So if you want to be able to give your kids the best, make sure you take care of yourself first!

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2. They are mindful of the words they use with their children

Mentally strong parents are mindful of their words when talking with their children.

It can be easy to lash out at your kids with hurtful words when you are frustrated.

But this does more harm than good in the long run.

Mentally strong parents know that children are sponges and will absorb everything they say.

This is why they choose their words carefully so that their kids only hear positive things about themselves.

Even when things get tough, these parents find a way to stay positive and encourage their children.

This is crucial for building up the child’s self-esteem and helping them feel loved unconditionally.

Positive words can do wonders for your child’s development!

3. They discipline without anger or violence

Mentally strong parents discipline their children without resorting to anger or violence.

They know that yelling and punishing harshly can damage the parent-child bond.

When children act out, it can be easy to lose your temper and discipline them with anger or physical violence.

But that’s not what you should do as a parent because:

  • It doesn’t encourage good behavior in the long run and might even lead to more misbehavior.
  • It can damage your relationship with the child
  • And cause the child to be afraid of you
  • It can make the child feel like they’re bad and unworthy of love

Here’s the thing:

Mentally strong parents know that it’s important to be calm in the face of adversity.

When they discipline their child, they do so calmly and with confidence.

They also explain why something is wrong to help guide the child in the right direction.

This teaches them self-control and how to handle difficult situations in a rational manner.

Mentally strong parents know that discipline is important, but it should never be done in anger.

4. They spend quality time together

Whether the child is young or old, mentally strong parents make sure to spend quality time together.

They know that spending quality time with them is important to help form a bond and encourage healthy relationships.

This increases the child’s self-esteem as well as helps them understand how others should treat them in the future.

For instance:

If a child is growing up in a home where they never get any attention, chances are they will have unhealthy self-esteem.

They might feel like no one loves them and so maybe prone to getting involved with the wrong crowd at school or acting out aggressively towards others.


Mentally strong parents make sure to spend time with their kids, even when they’re young.

Whether it’s giving them a bath or reading together at bedtime, these moments are important for building up self-esteem and encouraging healthy relationships later on in life.

They know that quality time doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant: it just has to be meaningful.

5. They are positive role models

Mentally strong parents understand that they need to be positive role models for their children.

This means always acting with integrity and setting a good example for them to follow.

Kids learn from watching their parents, so it’s important for them to have positive examples to look up to.

This will help them develop the right habits and behaviors as they grow up.

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6. They treat their children with respect

They also treat their children with respect, no matter what.

Mentally strong parents know that they need to be respectful of their children if they want to be respected in return.

This means listening to them and not talking down to them.

It also means never embarrassing them in public or using shame as a way to motivate them.

Respecting your child is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

It shows them that they are valued and loved unconditionally, no matter what.

And it will encourage them to respect others in return.

7. They talk about feelings

Mentally strong parents always talk about feelings with their children.

They know that it’s important for kids to learn how to express their emotions at an early age.

This helps them develop healthy relationships and cope with difficult situations as they grow up.

Mentally strong parents also teach their children how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way.

For instance:

If a child is feeling angry, mentally strong parents will help them express that anger in a constructive way.

They might do this by teaching the child how to write or draw out their feelings.

This can help them process those emotions and move on from them more easily.

8. They give their children space

Mentally strong parents know that their children need space to grow and thrive.

They don’t smother them with love and attention.

Instead, they allow them to explore the world on their own.

This allows children to learn about themselves and develop a sense of independence.

For example, if a child is struggling with math, they give them space to work through it on their own.

If necessary, they will provide guidance for the child but are careful not to assume that they have all of the answers.

They also understand that children need time alone in order to recharge and refocus themselves.

This prevents parents from constantly being in a state of conflict with their children.

9. They set limits and boundaries for their children

Setting limits and boundaries for your child is a good way for parents to help their children feel secure.

It also helps them learn about responsibility and accountability, as well as how they can be respectful toward others.

Mentally strong parents are not afraid to set limits and boundaries for their children, and they do it in a way that is respectful.

This helps teach their children how to behave appropriately in different situations.

For instance, a mentally strong parent might set a limit on how much time their child can spend playing video games each day, or they may establish a curfew for when their child must be home.

The goal is to help children understand how to be disciplined and respectful.

At the same time, parents should make sure not to set boundaries and limits that are too strict or harsh for their children’s age and maturity level.

They want to establish rules they can enforce without being overly restrictive in order to help teach responsibility while also respecting their child’s needs.

It is important for parents to find the right balance when it comes to setting limits and boundaries.

10. They show their children how to cope with stress

Mentally strong parents are not afraid to show their children how to cope with stress.

In fact, they often do this by example.

For instance, if a parent is feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, they will take the time to relax and recharge themselves.

They also know that it’s important for kids to learn how to deal with stress at an early age.

This will help them develop healthy coping skills, which are essential for mental health and happiness throughout life.

11. They don’t sugarcoat reality

Mentally strong parents understand that life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad times.

They are honest with their kids about what to expect in the real world, so they’re not blindsided by it later on in life.

This helps them feel prepared for when these situations arise and prevents them from feeling like they were lied to when reality finally hits.

12. They let their kids make mistakes

Mentally strong parents know that allowing their children to make mistakes is necessary for growth.

They recognize that the only way we learn how not to do something is by doing it in the first place, so they give their kids space to fail and then learn from those failures.

This makes them more confident in the future as they know that making mistakes is a natural part of life.

For example, a mentally strong parent will allow their child to try out for the school play, even if they’re not sure they’ll be good.

If the child messes up, they can learn from that experience and do better next time.

13. They don’t make excuses for bad behavior

Often, parents make excuses for their children’s bad behavior.

“He’s just tired,” or “She didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

Mentally strong parents don’t do this.

They hold their children accountable for their actions, no matter what the circumstances are.

This helps teach them that they are responsible for their own behavior, which is an essential life lesson.

When children know that they are responsible for their own actions, they are more likely to behave in a positive way.

14. They praise their kids’ good behavior

Mentally strong parents don’t just focus on the bad things their kids do – they also take the time to praise their good behavior.

This helps reinforce the positive things they’re doing and makes them feel appreciated.

For example, a mentally strong parent might praise their child for cleaning up their room without being asked to.

This makes the child feel good about themselves and encourages them to continue behaving in a positive way.

15. They don’t allow themselves to get stressed about small things

Mentally strong parents understand that life is too short to be stressed out about small things.

They are able to let go of their worries, fears, and concerns because they understand what’s really important in life.

For example, a mentally strong parent will not get stressed about their child spilling milk at the dinner table.

Instead, they’ll clean it up and move on with their day because being angry about something so small won’t solve anything.

16. They don’t hold grudges with others

Holding a grudge is a waste of time and energy – something mentally strong parents know all too well.

They are able to forgive others for their wrongdoings, even if they don’t necessarily forget what happened.

This allows them to move on with their lives without any resentment or bitterness.

For instance, a mentally strong parent will forgive their child for breaking a cup even if they still disagree with what happened.

17. They don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future

Honestly, mentally strong parents don’t have the time to dwell on the past or worry about what’s going to happen in the future.

They are too busy living life in the present because that’s where all of their happiness comes from.

For example, a mentally strong parent will not spend time dwelling on what they did wrong yesterday.

Instead, they’ll focus all of their energy on making the most out of today because that’s really all that matters in life.

18. They don’t spend time around negative people

Mentally strong parents understand it is crucial to spend time around positive people.

They recognize that negative energy can significantly impact your mental health.

So they surround themselves with supportive friends and family members who are able to pick them up when needed instead of bringing them down.

19. They don’t give in to peer pressure

While it’s important for kids to develop a sense of independence and individuality, it’s also crucial that they learn how to navigate social situations.

Mentally strong parents know this means teaching their children how to say no to peer pressure.

For example, a mentally strong parent will help their child resist the urge to drink alcohol or do drugs when offered by their friends.

20. They don’t make assumptions

Mentally strong parents know that it’s important to gather all the facts before making any decisions.

They understand that jumping to conclusions can often lead to misunderstandings and drama.

For example, a mentally strong parent will not get mad at their child for coming home late without first asking them what happened.

21. They don’t shy away from tough conversations

Let’s be honest:

Parenting can be tough.

Mentally strong parents know this and are willing to have difficult conversations with their kids when needed.

For example, mentally strong parents will sit down with their children and talk about sex education before they reach an age where they start getting information from other sources.

22. They don’t hold back their love or support

The simple truth is that mentally strong parents give their children all the love and support they need to grow into emotionally healthy adults.

This means being there for them when they’re happy and when they’re sad, never giving up on them, and always believing in them no matter what.

Are you are a mentally strong parent?

Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into what mentally strong parents do.

If you think you could benefit from implementing some of these tips into your own parenting style, go for it!

And remember, you are not alone.

There are countless other parents out there who are also trying their best to raise mentally strong kids.

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