Benefits of Putting Onions on Your Feet Before Bed

Benefits of Putting Onions on Your Feet Before Bed

Putting onions on your feet before going to bed can give you surprising health benefits and help you fight different diseases.

Sounds surprising, right?

Does this remedy even work or not?

Well, there is no big secret here…

So let’s explore and find out what happens when you sleep with putting onions on your feet.

Keep reading and you’ll find out.

What’s the Origin of this Remedy?

If you are wondering where this remedy came from, then the fact is that its origin traces back to the 1500s to 1600s. 

In ancient times, it was believed that the disease spread due to poisonous and toxic air. 

Since onion has antibacterial properties and a strong smell, thus some people believed that cutting onion and placing it on your feet can protect you from that poisonous and toxic air and save you from those diseases. 

And that begs the obvious question…

Is it true that sleeping with an onion on your feet can remove toxins from your body?

Well, there is no scientific evidence to prove that sleeping with an onion in your feet can rids the air of toxins. 

In fact, this theory was debunked by the germ theory, which proved that disease spread due to microorganisms called germs.

But, here’s the interesting part…

Many people insist that this idea of putting onion on your feet may also trace back to the ancient Chinese medical culture, where foot reflexology was a very popular practice. 

Those ancient physicians believed that the nerves in our feet were the easiest way to access the rest of the internal organs of our body. 

They believed that since onions are enriched with sulphuric compounds, these compounds will penetrate your body when you put onions on your feet. 

Then these compounds will kill all the harmful bacteria, germs, and toxins present in your blood.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits…

Benefits of Putting Onion on Your Feet before Bed

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you’ll put onion on your feet before going to bed.

1. Purification of body

You might be wondering:

Do onions on feet really purify the body.?

Well, if we look at the composition of onions, we’ll find out that they are enriched with a lot of sulphuric compounds that can fight different bacteria and toxins. 

Therefore, the remedy says that if you put onion on your feet, those healthy compounds will enter your body. 

… And they will kill all the toxins, germs, and bacteria in your body and save you from different diseases.

 2. Beneficial for Your Feet

As we just explained to you above onions contain certain powerful compounds that can kill harmful pathogens. 

So if you’ll place onion on your feet, it will kill all the germs and bacteria present on the surface of your feet and stop your feet from stinking. 

And the best part is… it will improve the skin of your feet.

Therefore, it will save your feet from any possible infection and keep them neat, clean, and healthier.

3. Purification of Surrounding Air

Onions are rich in sulfuric compounds, due to which they give out a strong smell in the air.

The remedy says that if you put onions on your feet before sleeping, the strong smell of onions will purify your air. 

… And it will remove all the unhealthy toxins, chemicals, and pollutants from the air that are just unsafe for your health.

Therefore, putting onion on the feet also has a lot to do with purifying the air around you.

4. Keep You Relaxed 

Onions are always fresh, juicy, and full of water. 

If you place them on your feet before sleeping, it will keep your feet relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable. 

You can sleep better and will feel more energetic when you get enough sleep. 

Therefore, it’ll positively impact your daily life and help you perform better in different aspects of life.

5. May Keep You Hydrated

Water is one of the biggest constituents of our body and is abundantly found inside us. 

In fact, we need water to survive and maintain our bodies. 

Since onion is also fresh, juicy, and enriched with water thus keeping it on your feet can also keep your body cool, fresh, and hydrated.

What does the Science Say About this Onion Remedy?

As you just learned above, this whole theory of putting onion on your feet before bed is very old. 

It was a remedy used by physicians of the ancient era.

Now a lot of you might be curious to know that does modern science validates this remedy and all those benefits of placing onion on your feet?

Well, there has been no research or experiments so far to study the benefits of putting onion on your feet before sleeping. 

The bottom line is this:

Scientific evidence does not support all these benefits of placing onion on your feet. 

Instead, they are based on the same old myths and remedies.

That said, if you find it interesting or like it, then you can surely give it a try because there is no harm or danger in doing so.