10 Signs You Are Overstressed (And You Don’t Even Know It)

10 Signs You Are Overstressed

Stress is the normal body’s response to dangerous situations and extreme demands that put too much pressure on your body. The tension or danger may be real or imagined. 

It doesn’t matter to the body as long as it is there, the body’s defenses kick into an automatic, high gear known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction or the “stress response.” The visible response of stress can be subtle or severe, depending on how long you have been stressed out and how much you are emotionally invested in the stressors. 


Can you be stressed and not realize it? The majority of people don’t notice when they are stressed until it becomes a medical emergency. Here are ten signs you are overstressed and not aware of it:

1. Insomnia. 

Can you get insomnia from stress? Lack of sleep is one of the significant signs of stress for most people. If you are struggling to shut your eyes, ask yourself why? Take time to analyze the root cause of the problem, for example, Are you always worried at night? Do you start thinking about all your problems while you are supposed to be sleeping? Are nightmares the cause of your lack of sleep? You can figure out what your dreams mean here for a night of better sleep. 

2. Low S*x Drive. 

The more stressed you become, the less desire for s*x you have. Whenever your stress levels go up, cortisol is produced, which tends to lower your libido. In response to stress, your vessels can become narrowed and restrict blood flow to certain parts of your body that your brain doesn’t consider necessary for your present survival (flight response). One of those tissues that suffer is your penis, leading to erectile dysfunction. If you are running for your life, your brain doesn’t consider s*x and intimacy a priority. Therefore your desire for it reduce.

3. Anxiety. 

Being overly anxious is not a peaceful state for the body, so if you find that you are agitated and anxious, you are stressed. If you can’t sit still for a while, take a deep breath and let whatever you are worried about sorting itself out. Learn ways to cope with your anxiety and depression.

4. Over Eating/Obesity. 

Does tension cause obesity? Stress eating is a phrase used to describe a scenario where you are eating because you are emotionally drained, and the food makes you feel better or helps you through a stressful day, even though you were not hungry. Consuming extra calories that your body does not need will lead to obesity, which is the chief Predisposing factor to so many chronic diseases. Check out these ways to lose weight fast.

5. Exhaustion. 

Is it normal to be exhausted? If you feel like life itself has been sucked out of you, and you have no desire for anything else, your body is stressed. You need to take a break and concentrate your attention on stress-free, fun activities to recharge your body.

6. Poor Judgment/Inability To Concentrate. 

If you can’t make the obvious choice or focus enough to know what is going on around you, you are stressed.

7. You Snapped At Others Without Thinking. 

We all get angry, but when we are stressed, we become extremely irritated and react in ways that are unhealthy. So if you find out that you are quick to respond and flat out impatient, it means you are stressed and need to de-stress.

8. You Hair Is Falling Out. 

Can stress cause hair loss? Certainly, stress and hair loss can be linked. According to Carolyn Jacob, MD, founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, significant hair loss can be a sign of stress.

9. Extreme Mood Swings.

One of the signs that you are overstressed is an extreme change of mood. For example, one minute, you are calm, and in a blink of an eye, you are yelling at the top of your lungs.

10. Memory Problems. 

Does stress affect memory problems? Forgetting insignificant things here and there is not always an issue, it is part of being a functioning human being. But if you consistently forget essential items such as your wallet when you are going out, your keys or your child or children in a store or car, you are stressed. You need to slow down a bit. Learn the habits of people with healthy brains.


Stress is a significant risk factor for several chronic disorders. It is also reported to lower your immune system, making you prone to infections and other health problems. The way to overcome stress is to commit to being aware of your day to day stressors and minimize contact with them. Invest your time learning different stress-relief techniques to help you cope when you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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