People Who Cry During Movies Are Mentally Stronger, According to Neuroscientists

People Who Cry During Movies Are Mentally Stronger, According To Neuroscientists

According to neuroscientists, crying is good for you. It may feel awful when you are crying. Still, after studying the psychology and physiology of crying by several neuroscientists, they have concluded that crying is not always a bad thing, it makes you tough and mentally strong, so here are five reasons why crying during movies makes you stronger:

1. You Stop Trying To Please Others.

Crying is one of the expressions of vulnerability and being able to shed tears to express how hurt or sad you feel, irrespective of who sees you or knows you are a sign of strength. It shows you are willing to stand in your truth regardless of what people might think of you. 

2. Crying Improves Your Health.

Tears serve as lubricants for your eyes. It lubricates the surface of your eyes and prevents dry eyes. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help remove toxins from your body. According to scientists, crying reduces the risk of several severe diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, and promotes the release of “feel good” hormones. When you feel physically good, your mental health improves.

3. It Boosts Your Empathy. 

Empathy is a skill that aids us in relating to others. When you express your emotions with tears, those around you find you more approachable. It becomes easier to talk to you and reveal what they are going through with you because you are more likely to understand them and comfort them. 

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4. It Reduces Your Stress Levels.

Tears help us release our accumulated tensions, stress, and negative emotions. Crying helps us take out the uneasy feeling and replace it with peace and calm. It relaxes our body and makes us feel great. If you feel stressed, get a good cry, and you will feel much better. The less stress you are, the more you can make better decisions.

5. It Purifies Your Mind. 

Crying clears your mind and cleanse your mind of all the old things roaming through your mind. It makes your mind stronger and better to handle any mental challenge life throws at you. Storing your demons on your mind instead of releasing them through tears and other great outlets will leave you feeling stuffed and overwhelmed, so let it all out through tears.


Know that expressing your emotions through tears is not always a negative thing. There are many benefits to expressing yourself through tears, so don’t deprive yourself of them. 

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