How To Stop Period Cramps Quickly

Stop Period Cramps Quickly

Period cramps usually occur and are severely painful during periods. These cramps occur before or starting the periods. Some people have mild cramps during periods, and some have extreme pain that makes a stressful and severe routine all over the day. Some people get it at 2 to 3 days, and some people get after it.

Period cramps are usually contractions of the uterus and gradually changes due to hormonal change in the body. During periods, blood flows through your vagina, and contractions are made. 

People who face period pain usually have heavy bleeding, weakness, irregular bleeding at the age of 30, and puberty at an early age. It is a normal pain without any side effects and can be treated using medicine or home remedy. It can be due to obesity, hormonal change, or stressful situations affecting several parts of the body. People usually want to get rid of periods of pain. Following are some tips with home remedies that can relieve your pain and provide you with comfort in your daily routine. 

How To Stop Period Cramps Quickly

Heat patch

Is a heating pad good for menstrual cramps? The muscles of the uterus usually create pain that causes period cramps. You can reduce your pain by having a hot patch or warm pressed cloth on your stomach. This can reduce your pain much better than other remedies and boost your circulation. This is an effective method of relieving your cramps and work as a pain reliever.

Researchers have shown that it causes no side effects and causes less fatigue and mood swings, which are high during periods. Patches are also available at the market. Just peel or open one and stick it in your place, which is causing pain. These are easy and will relieve your pain in a couple of minutes; you can also use a warm water bottle to relieve your stomach portion if you apply a home remedy.

Aerobic exercise

Can exercise reduce period pain? Aerobic exercise is a great and easy way that helps in reducing period cramps. You have to do low or medium Arabic exercise for 20 to 30 minutes for a week. You can also go for a walk so it will cause a reduction in the period cramps Or play a sport such as your favorite tennis, football, etc. to make you fit.

Messaging with oils

Several messaging oils helps in reducing the pain.

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Marjoram
  • Sage

These oils are much effective and are available at your nearby stores. Oils help boost up your body as well as helps in circulation. Make a mixture of one of these oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, which helps spread the oil all over the area. Make a mixture and apply it to your tummy. Researchers have shown that applying oil to your body during periods reduces the pain much more times bigger than medicines.

Yoga and exercises

Does yoga help period pain? Doing yoga for 1 to 2 hours helps in relieving the pain as well as lessen the cramps. Yoga usually provides relaxation to the mind and body. It is much effective and has been proven by researchers.

Find out more about doing yoga.


What medication helps period cramps? Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc., are some medicines used to treat period cramps—highly recommended for these medicines in severe or extreme pain of period cramps. Firstly ask the doctor about the medicine. This medicine can be purchase from any market or shop. Prescribed by your doctors as medicines can also affect your disease as if you have heart disease or lung disease.

Warm bath

Pelvic muscles usually get a contract and cause pain in the body. You can take a warm bath during periods as it is an effective way to relax your body and works as a pain-relieving method in cramps. Try a warm bath for 30 minutes, and you can easily see the difference in pain before and after the periods.


Does water help period pain? Dehydration can be the reason for period cramps. Doctors usually mark the reason for a period of cramp as dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking different juices or water. Water is a universal solvent and much effective than other drinks. Take at least ten drinks of water per day, and increase your limit of water, especially in your exertion time or doing aerobic exercise.

To learn more about water intake per day,


Supplements perform a major role in reducing the cramps and relieving the period of pain. There are different types of supplements that work effectively.

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B6
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Fish oil
  • Zinc

These supplements or medications can be taken but first, ask your doctor about it.

Avoid Salty and fatty appetite

Avoid salty foods that discomfort your routine. It will ease your pain. These fatty and salty foods usually increase retention and make your body feel worst. Stay away from the foods during foods.