Plank Every Day For A Month And See What Happens To Your Body

Plank Every Day For A Month

Losing weight is always recommended through proper diet and regular exercise. To achieve the weight loss goal, people rush to join gyms and often prefer strength training, lifting heavy weights, and all that. But, if you want to maintain a perfect body shape and do not have sufficient time to spend and work out in the gym or at home, I have a solution for you. Try out planks, which can be defined as- core strength bodyweight exercise involving you to lie down in a push-up position for the maximum time possible.

It is the most effective and straightforward exercise popular among all the busy people who love to have abs. It helps you get in shape and strengthens your back and spinal column from future injuries. Planking is beneficial for your entire core and body posture.

How to do planks correctly?

How To Do Planks Correctly?
Planks Correctly

Planks offer considerable benefits to your body but doing them correctly is a crucial point to understand. Before moving towards the miracles, it does to our body; let us know how to do a plank correctly:

  • Select an area in your home and use a well-cushioned mat or an exercise mat to protect your elbows from the hard floor’s discomfort. 
  • Get down in a push-up state with your elbows firmly placed on the ground and shoulders wide apart. 
  • Raise your body as if you are pushing it up against the floor. Make sure your elbows do not move and are placed firmly on the ground. 
  • Keep your body parallel to the ground in a straight position.
  • Maintain the position for the maximum possible time for you. 

How many minutes plank per day? After learning how to do a plank correctly, we recommend starting it right away and trying out a plank of one minute every day for a month to see how it does wonders to your body.

How plank change your body? Planking has a massive impact on each part of your body, including several muscles and nerves. Along with the help it provides to achieve physical health and fitness, it is also of great importance for your mental health as it can calm down your body and brain and boost your energy levels, making you feel extra energized.

What plank do to your body

What Plank Do To Your Body

Try it out, and you will see what happens to your body when you do a plank every day for a month:

1. You will observe a strengthened core with improved performance.

Planks involve all of the significant abdominal core muscles, including transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, and the gluteal muscles, strengthening them and improving their performance. Through each plank, your muscles start getting stronger day by day. 

Each muscle performs a different function; therefore, strengthening them helps your body perform various functions better than before. For example, a stronger transverse abdominus increases your capability to lift even heavier weights.

2. You will feel a strong back and spinal column with each passing day. 

Planks are precisely the type of exercise that uses your body weight to strengthen your muscles and build up muscle mass. Does plank reduce back pain? According to research, planks help reduce back pain and significantly support the spinal column and back. 

Make sure while doing planks, you are not exerting much pressure on your spinal cord or hips; otherwise, planks can cause harm.

3. An improved body posture

Is plank good for posture? You can shape up your body through planking in just a month if you do it regularly. No doubt, a good posture is beneficial to keep up the bones and joints in proper alignment and improve your muscles’ overall effectiveness.

A good posture is also fundamental for your body to prevent injuries due to unequal weight distribution. Also, it is necessary to boost up the confidence level. Planks target the core, thereby strengthening it and improving your body posture. 

4. Enhanced body flexibility

Planking stretches out all of your posterior muscles, thereby increasing your body flexibility and distributing weight evenly throughout your body to help it maintain balance. Planks are also included in yoga poses, which makes their importance evident in strengthening and improving your body muscles’ flexibility. 

6. A boost in your metabolism and fat-burning process

 Planking boosts up your metabolism and tremendously increases the rate at which your body usually burns fats. As you know, muscles help a lot in fat burning, and planking undoubtedly increases your muscle mass. Strong muscles will make your body capable enough to continue burning fats, even when doing your daily life chores.

7. Improves your mood

Planking directly impacts the nerves, thereby releasing the stress and tension in various body muscles. Simultaneously, doing a plank when you stretch your body relaxes it, and removes all the buildup of stress and pressure on your body’s multiple points.

Furthermore, planking not only calms your brain but is also an excellent means to deal with anxiety. Doing it regularly can also distract your mind from depressive thoughts and focus on your body’s well-being.

8. It helps you maintain balance

If you do a one minute plank daily for a month, you can efficiently train your body muscles to withstand pressure. Your muscles get strong enough to maintain the overall balance of your body. And with the proper distribution of weight throughout your body, you can achieve the required balance and support. So, the benefit planking provides to our body makes it an exceptional yet convenient exercise to add up in our busy lifestyle. 

Benefits of planks

Benefits Of Planks

Following are some of the benefits you can get if you do planks regularly and consistently:

  • It is merely a bodyweight exercise, which means you are using your body weight to train your muscle. You do not need specific equipment or enroll yourself in a gym to do this simple exercise. Just get yourself a yoga mat, and you are all set for it.
  • Plank is the best exercise for your core function and body balance as it targets your core muscles and strengthens them to help improve their functioning.
  • Planks are not restricted to any specific age group. It is equally beneficial for all the people out there. Even kids can do planks easily as it is a straightforward exercise to do.

In conclusion

Conclusively, Planks offer a fantastic way to improve your body posture, get back in proper shape, lose weight naturally, and strengthen your body muscles. Once you learn how to do a plank correctly, you will surely enjoy its benefits and appreciate its simplicity. I hope my article will give you enough motivation to try it out for once, and trust me, and you will fell in love with it.