What Your Social Media Profile Picture Says About Your Personality

Profile Picture

How many times do you spend choosing your profile picture?

In this modern age, human interaction rests mostly on a nonverbal conversation; it is such a pity but is true.

In our daily life, where social networks are established as a central element of our everyday life, people attach great value to their choice of a profile picture. 

Whether for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or sites for searching for your better half.

Your selection of social media profile photos exhibits way more than you guess.

On each of the social media platforms, your profile picture brings a different meaning and attempts to transmit various messages, conversations. 

According to a psychologist, your social media profile picture can reveal whether you are an extrovert, conscientious, or neurotic.

According to Science, here are seven significant social media profile picture personalities:

1. If it’s an ordinary photo

An ordinary photo shows mature, confident people.

They are not looking for the right frame, and they are not hiding behind pictures of fictional characters.

Scientific also claims that photos on social networks can tell what’s going on in your personal life.

For example: If a photo was made at full height testifies to the self-sufficiency and maturity of a person.

2. If it’s a flower or nature image

People who have an inanimate object in the avatar (nature, toy, flower, sea, etc.) show that this category of people still does not know themselves well.

They do not understand their personality, attitudes, and behaviors, hopes, and desires. In a nutshell, they feel lost and confused in life.

3. If it’s an animal, cartoon, or fictional character image

People who have an avatar representing an animal, cartoon character, or fictional character – This reveals that the person is naive.

As a matter of principle, he or she likes to seek the support and sympathy of others.

Also, it may be that you don’t take life too seriously, and you enjoy confusing people.

4. If it’s Selfie face

Everybody remembers, “but first let me take a selfie,” such people are prone to narcissism.

They find it difficult to get along with people because of their insecurity.

5. If it’s an object image

If a foreign object covers part of your face, for example, glasses, hands, hat, food, etc., or a photo that was created in the profile or from the background – this shows that a person is a shy person.  

6. If it’s a professional picture

If a person takes a unique picture for an avatar with a professional photographer, it means the person tries to look better than they are.

You’re probably the type of person who cares a lot about what other people think.

Newly, a trend toward professionally photographed profile pictures for social media has arisen.

7. If it’s a blunt picture

If profile picture to blunt can mean problems in personal life.

Many photos with family or your better half – people try to prove to themselves and the world that they are not feeling lonely.

The choice of your social media profile picture tells way more than you think.

Now do some research on your friend or your spouse’s profile picture.