What Happens to Your Body if You Do Pushups Every Day

What Happens To Your Body If You Do Pushups Every Day

In this article, we will tell you what happens to your body if you do pushups every day? Also, cover some of the practical benefits and risks that can become part of your body after adopting this exercise. So stay with us till the end.

Pushups (The Easiest Exercise):

Pushups (The Easiest Exercise)

We all seem a little bit lazy to own any exercise daily, but push-ups are an exercise that you can easily acknowledge. Push-ups are the easiest and convenient exercise in the world that you can do at home or anywhere. For doing push-ups every day, you don’t have to spend money to buy heavy machines to shape your body.

For an excellent work out routine, you need to include push-ups in your daily routine. You can try different types of push-ups as well to get the best outcomes. This exercise strengthens the core, upper body, intensified muscle mass and heart health.

Start doing Push-ups each day with a small number of numbers (40 push-ups a day) and then gradually increase the numbers. In short, incorporating push-ups into your regular work out makes your training schedule more comfortable and more efficient.

If You Do Pushups Every Day:

Doing push-ups every day can be harmful or useful for you. It all depends on your fitness level. But there is no doubt that the benefits of daily push-ups for males and females are numerous, although some disadvantages are discussed below.

Benefits Of Doing Pushups Every day

Benefits Of Doing Pushups Every Day

1. Stimulates Your Muscles:

Most of us think that push-ups are just a shoulder exercise while mobilizing the whole body and improving physical resistance.

Pushups work your whole body and effectively fatigue all types of muscle groups. The movement caused by push-ups helps you to recruit a wide range of muscles to strengthen.

Push-ups enable your body to increase the release of a particular hormone called HGH ( Human Growth Hormone). This harmony is essential for the natural growth of the human body. Push-ups increase the production of HGH.

Not only this, push-ups give your muscles an extreme level of flexibility that helps your body prevent injuries.

2. Pushups Every Day Improves Cardiovascular Health: 

Push-ups simultaneously involve your major muscle groups, forcing your heart to carry oxygenated blood to the muscle tissues.

This exercise automatically stimulates your heart muscle and reduces excess fat from your body. Doing push-ups daily maintains the cholesterol level that can protect you from many severe diseases like heart attack, angina pain, etc.

According to research, a person who does more than 100 push-ups a day is less likely to suffer from heart diseases than others.

3. Pushups Every Day Enhances Your Body Posture: 

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our body shape. But did you know? Performing pushups every day can make your body more symmetrical and attractive. Remember, improper posture can damage your health and physical appearance. 

To protect your body from these damages: push-ups are the most effective exercise. When you do standard push-ups, your entire core becomes strong enough to support your body’s vertical positions and enhance your body posture.

4. Supports The Joints:

Traditional push-ups are an exercise that is the most effective way to protect and support your joints. Push-ups primarily help and strengthen the shoulder joints, knees, and toes. By doing pushups every day, you can stabilize your vulnerable parts of the body and prevent low back injuries.

This exercise also effective in protecting the delicate parts of your body.

Risks In Doing Pushups Every day:

Risks In Doing Pushups Every Day

Is it safe to do push-ups every day?

  • Stop Muscle’s Development: If you do pushups every day, it can stop your muscle’s development. The reason behind this is that doing one exercise regularly will not able to challenge your body. Our muscles improve when they feel stressed, but if your body becomes accustomed to this exercise or any other exercise, they can never put pressure on your body. And in the end, your muscles stop growing and increase Plateauing’s chances (which means you can’t reap the same benefits from your training).
  •  Ache In Body Parts: Excessive push-ups can cause pain in various parts of your body. If you do an excessive amount of Backward Push-ups (BP) and Standard Push-ups (SP), it can lead you to lower back pain. Similarly, if you repeat weight lifting exercises (like push-ups), you may suffer from wrist pain. Speed also makes a difference; if you push-ups faster, it can injure your elbow joints, ligaments joint, and other tissues close to them, which can be painful.
  • Pushups Every Day Can Cause Injury: For Push-ups push-up, it’s mandatory to be in the right form. Otherwise, it can hurt you badly. According to the survey, push-ups can increase the risk of some injuries because this is one of n most comfortable exercises, so most people think they can do it on their own, which is wrong. Try to learn the proper techniques for push-ups or consult an instructor who can guide you better. This can reduce the risk of multiple injuries.

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In conclusion

Push-ups are the most straightforward exercise, but it can be difficult from the beginning, especially for overweight people. This exercise possesses many benefits, but these all are useless if you don’t understand and follow its proper techniques.  

To avoid injuries, you should learn the proper way of doing push-ups. Don’t start your workout directly with the hard one. It may make you disappoint yourself. This is a step by step process, from easy to challenging, less to more, and light to heavy.

One thing that you should follow is slowly adding more exercises to your workout schedule. This can benefit your body more effectively and also don’t make your workout boring.

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