7 Tips to remove dry cracked skin

Tips to Remove Dry, Cracked Skin From Feet and Legs

Dry, cracked skin is an irritating ailment characterized by itching, scaling, and cracking the superficial skin layer. It can result for several reasons. You may have naturally dry skin. Be that as it may, regardless of whether your skin will, in general, be smooth, you can get dry skin now and then. 

In most cases, dry, cracked skin is caused by inadequate moisturizing or using harsh, drying soap. Also, It might be because of sickness, medications, or hereditary inclination. 

The best approach to manage dry, flaky, cracked skin is to use essential oil, vaseline, or good moisturizers to regain your natural skin. Applying a moisturizer every day, significantly just after your bath, can help diminish dry skin.

That said, here are some remedies that may help you to restore your natural skin tone and beauty of your skin.

Here are tips to remove dry, cracked skin

Dry, Cracked Skin Remedies

1. Try a natural essential oil

You can use any of the following natural essential oil to remove dry, cracked skin.

  • Maracuja oil
  • Argan oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Chamomile OIl
  • Jojoba oil

2. Coconut virgin oil is best to heal dry, cracked skin

When coconut virgin oil is applied to dry, cracked skin, it rejuvenates, improves dryness, and also gives skin a solid, soothing, youthful look.

In fact, dermatologists recommend applying coconut oil every day can fill in as an effective treatment for dry skin and cracked skin. The most significant thing is picking the right sort of coconut virgin oil. However, consistently go with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

3. Listerine foot soak

Here are some tips for using Listerine foot soak to remove dry, cracked skin from feet and legs.

  • Get a deep tub that accommodates your feet. 
  • A foot spa is a decent beginning; nevertheless, any giant container will do. 
  • Fill the tub with one section of Listerine and two sections of warm water. 
  • Otherwise, you can substitute the water with white vinegar. 
  • Let your feet absorb for around 45 minutes and as long as 60 minutes. 
  • Then, remove your feet and scrub with the pumice stone or loofah.
  • Later, rinse with clean water.
  • Keep on dousing your feet like this every day until you see your perfect outcomes.

According to HealthLine, the key to using Listerine foot soak is patience because it can take a few months to see a perfect result.

4. Lemon juice for dry skin

Lemon juice has a mellow characteristic acidic property that can help dispose of dead and dry skin cell buildup. Mix water and freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply on the affect dry skin area for 10 minutes. Tenderly rinse off with clean cold water.

5. Vaseline and lemon juice

Use vaseline and lemon juice as an overnight treatment for dry, cracked feet. It helps moisturize and smooth the skin.

How it works

Mix 1 tsp of Vaseline and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Apply this combination over your dry, cracked feet thoroughly. Wear socks for the time being and wash your feet off in the morning.

6. Exfoliation dry, cracked heels

Exfoliation has a significant benefit for dry or flaky skin. To exfoliate your heels:

  1. In the first place, soak your feet in water for about 25 minutes.
  2. Then use a pumice stone or loofah to scrub away the dry skin smoothly.
  3. When you are done, pat dry and apply a good moisturizer.
  4. Indeed, exfoliate twice a week.

Daily routine remedies for dry skin

Daily Routine Remedies For Dry Skin

In case if you experience on and off-dry skin. Then it would be best if you looked at your lifestyle. These minor details are significant for the maintenance of a healthy body. For this, you should improve your daily routine. For instance:

  • Try not to use high temp water to shower or bath. 
  • Shower each other day rather than consistently 
  • Keep your shower time to under 10 minutes. 
  • Use a saturating cleanser when you bathe or shower. 
  • Apply creams shortly after bath or showering 
  • Pat, as opposed to rubbing wet skin dry with a delicate towel. 
  • Abstain from itching dry skin patches 
  • Use a humidifier in your home 
  • Drink a lot of water

In conclusion

Dry skin usually is nothing to bother. You can remove it at home. However, you may have to see a podiatrist or doctor if it doesn’t go away on their own or with the above home remedies.